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Mindful Design Feng Shui School

Feng Shui Certification
Train to become a certified Feng Shui consultant

The Mindful Design Feng Shui certification program is completely live and online, where students study with Anjie and Laura in real time. In Level 1 we begin our new certification class with an immersive live weekend, followed by ten live weekly class sessions; this allows students to gain a solid feng shui foundation. Students then move into Level 2, eleven weeks of interactive live online sessions covering the more in-depth Black Sect feng shui material.

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Level 1: Feng Shui Foundations

An intensive introduction to a transformational practice. The focus of Level 1 Feng Shui Foundations is to teach you the basic principles, while also demonstrating the transformative power of the practice: five modules that take you from the feng shui bagua map to space clearing. Bonus: everyone in the course who submits drawings, will have their floor plan reviewed in the live case study group sessions. 

Course and module breakdown: 2-day live online intensive: 5 modules + 10 weekly live class sessions + Private Facebook group.

Module 1
It’s all about the energy: Intro to feng shui and the lineage of BTB
Module 2
Feng Shui Design: intro to adjustments, five elements, the bagua…
Module 3
Clearing & Cultivating Your INNER Qi: personal qi clearings and practices
Module 4
Nine Star Ki Numerology: intro to this insightful feng shui astrology method
Module 5
Clearing Your Space: focus OUTER qi and BTB space clearing methods

Level 2: Core Feng Shui

In Level 2 students dive deeply into the tools and techniques of feng shui and mindful design, both practical and metaphysical. The focus is hands-on and constructive. You will learn skills such as how to read detailed floor plans. We will teach you how to interpret the energy of a space through design details, color, and layout. You will also explore the powerful transcendental side of Black Sect feng shui, building on what we began in Level 1.

Course and module breakdown: 11 Weeks 9 Modules + Weekly live webinars + Live Case Study sessions + Private Facebook group. Each week a module is presented in a 2-hour live class presentation.

Module 1
Reading floor plans & design details
Module 2
Bagua expanded
Module 3
Interior feng shui adjustments
Module 4
Exterior feng shui adjustments
Module 5
Five elements expanded
Module 6
Module 7
Abundance and feng shui
Module 8
Feng shui for career/workplace
Module 9
Your feng shui journey project

In total, the feng shui certification program runs over six months with 100+ hours of live teaching, from May-Nov (fall graduating class) or Sept-Mar (spring graduation class). All class materials are recorded with life-time access.

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Experiential learning and real-life consultations

Included with this program: students will audit and attend 8 live feng shui consultations by Laura and Anjie with actual clients. In these consultations students will see how the feng shui material they are learning is applied in real-life client situations. Students observe first-hand how feng shui practitioners co-create, guide and hold space for clients who are looking to improve the energy in their homes and lives.

Graduation requirements

Conduct two client consultations: students must complete two client consultations in order to complete their certification. The teachers will guide students as they prepare; this ensures that students feel confident and empowered when they meet one-on-one with their first feng shui clients.

Your feng shui presentation: each student presents their two feng shui client case studies to their teachers and co-hort. These presentations helps students develop their presentation skills, it also provides the students with more opportunites to see more examples of feng shui in action.

Connecting with your cohort and community

When you join the Mindful Design certification program you also become part of a bigger community. To foster this, students are placed in smaller breakout groups where they meet weekly to review and discuss the material they are learning. These small study groups allow students to connect further with their fellow classmates and cohort.

Post-graduate support

Anjie and Laura are committed to supporting their students after they graduate. Once students have completed the certification, they are invited to be highlighted on our Mindful Design consultants page. For grads who are focused on building their businesses, we have a variety of resources to help promote them. Here are some examples of how we have promoted our students:

  • a guest blogger on Mindful Design Feng Shui blog
  • IG live interview with Anjie on @mindfuldesign
  • a guest on our Holistic Spaces podcast
  • IG take-over of @mindfuldesignschool
  • listed on our website on the consultant page

Students also are invited to join Laura and Anjie’s weekly mentoring and mastermind group Mindful Design’s Collaboration Community. This weekly class is exclusively for Mindful Design students and alumni.

Lifetime access: not only do grads and alumni have lifetime access to the recordings from their own class, they are also invited to audit all future live classes and classroom client consultations.

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