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Certified Mindful Design Feng Shui consultants

  • Amy Shellhorn

    Amy Shellhorn

    Joyful Family Spaces

    Mindful Design School Teaching Assistant



    about Amy

    Amy Shellhorn helps families create joyful spaces that nurture and support their unique family culture. By combining feng shui with other ancient wisdom, she works with modern families to shift the energy of their home to align with their goals. Amy holds a certificate in feng shui from Mindful Design School, a Masters of Architecture from the University of Washington and is a LEED AP BD + C.

  • Stephanie Santiago

    Stephanie Santiago

    Fertility Energy

    New York


    about Stephanie

    It is my mission to help women realign their energy for natural conception, and support them with fertility exhaustion. Clearing energetic blocks can change one’s path quickly.

  • Stephanie Hann

    Stephanie Hann

    House of Chi



    about Stephanie

    Stephanie received her Feng Shui certification through the Mindful Design Feng Shui School merging her educational and real-life experiences together, helping others create tangible and intangible change in their lives.  Her philosophy is deeply rooted in creating thoughtful intention to help others integrate a Feng Shui philosophy and mindfulness into their everyday existence. Stephanie also serves as Adjunct Faculty at Youngstown State University, teaching variety of classes in addition to her favorite roles of Mom to her two Crumbcrushers Greggory and MarenEmilia, and Wife to Greg, “The Saint”. “It’s all about people, as it is through people that we connect to the world.” - Stephanie Volpini-Hann

  • Rose Garbien

    Rose Garbien

    New York


  • Maris Metz

    Maris Metz

    The Resting Lotus

    Pinckney, Michigan


    about Maris

    Cell: 734-548-5157‬

    Maris Metz is a master certified Reiki practitioner, master certified wellness coach and Feng Shui practitioner. As a former nursing student, she discovered a great need for more emphasis on preventative care and treating not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Maris works with a variety of clientele, mingling both Eastern and Western views and practices to give her clients a truly unique experience and a holistic approach to health and wellness.

  • Rachel Rivera

    Rachel Rivera

    Los Angeles & Orange County, California


    about Rachel

    Cell: 562-440-8032‬

    As a Feng Shui practitioner and realtor, Rachel is always helping people in their homes. She uses Feng Shui to create environments that support her clients in every aspect of their lives. She finds passion in creating harmonious spaces. Reading floor plans, and drawing connections to how a client's home represents their inner and outer world, is what excites her about this practice. Our worlds are constantly changing, but with mindfulness and intention we can live more joyful and fulfilled lives. Contact Rachel today for a more information about her feng shui services.

  • Stacy Scott

    Stacy Scott

    Sanctuary Feng Shui

    Mindful Design School Teaching Assistant

    Washington, DC and surrounding areas


    about Stacy

    Feng Shui the soulful way. Reclaim your natural gifts and deepest essence by aligning with the energy of your sacred space. Learning to speak to your home through intuition and intentionality, reconnects you to your highest purpose. Heal, thrive, and become by exploring your story, told through space. Stacy’s mission is to ignite your growth from the outside in.

  • Stephanie Di Ielsi

    Stephanie Di Ielsi

    Sacred Design

    Montreal, Quebec


    about Stephanie

    Stephanie Di Ielsi is a certified Feng Shui consultant and an Early Childhood Educator with a background in Visual Arts and Design. She is a graduate of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School certification program. As a consultant Stephanie puts her wisdom to practice by helping families to cultivate beautifully balanced spaces that have the power to unlock their greatest potential. Stephanie has joyfully created a feng shui business that indulges her love of design, and allows her to share her innate wisdom and intuitive gifts with the world.

  • Jen Weis

    Jen Weis

    Leading with Shui



    about Jen

    Phone: 719-321-9913‬

    When we understand our connection to our surroundings we are empowered to harness the potential of these spaces through the practice of Feng Shui. Through this ancient practice, Jen will help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals in this modern and fast paced world. Whether you want to take a deep dive or simply dip your toes in the Shui, you can enjoy real results. Everyone has their own unique journey in life and Jen will be there to walk along side you, wherever that may lead.

  • Ksenia Kapoor

    Ksenia Kapoor

    Washington, DC Metro Area


    about Ksenia

    Ksenia is a certified BTB Feng Shui practitioner helping DC Metro area clients re-calibrate their homes through subtle interior adjustments and energy flow improvements. By day Ksenia is a health tech executive and by night she is a devoted Feng Shui consultant working with individuals, couples, and families in a quest to find much needed balance in their homes. She especially enjoys renovations and real estate searches for the perfect home. Ksenia resides in Capitol Hill with her family and two cats.

  • Jessica Venezia

    Jessica Venezia

    Jessica Venezia Designs

    New York/Connecticut


    about Jessica

    Phone: 914-316-9316

    My goal is to help make positive changes in your life by implementing practical and striking changes in your environment. As a certified BTB practitioner and professional interior designer, I create thoughtful and compelling adjustments that promote harmony and good energy. With innovative, beautiful design and a fluent understanding of ancient BTB Feng Shui principles, I have cultivated a distinctly refined aesthetic and practice that is thoughtfully applied to transform spaces. An excellent communicator and listener, I am respectful of the needs of my clients and approach each project with enthusiasm and commitment.

  • Ginny Drader

    Ginny Drader

    Kelly Ellis Interior Alchemy

    Victoria, British Columbia


    about Ginny

    Kelly Ellis Interior Alchemy was founded in 2020 by sisters, Ginny and Natalie Drader.

    Prior to Kelly Ellis, Ginny completed her Bachelors of Interior Design in Calgary, Alberta and is also a certified Feng Shui consultant through the Mindful Design Feng Shui School. Ginny's passion for Interior Design began when she was 12 years old and grew as she assisted with her family home renovations and new build projects. She wholeheartedly believes that a home is a direct reflection of its occupants internal world and once it is aligned energetically and aesthetically, positive shifts will occur.

  • Amy Kirby

    Amy Kozumplik Kirby

    Ohio/Connecticut/New Jersey


    about Amy

    Phone: 860-941-4611

    With an extensive background in retail and residential design, Amy was drawn to BTB Feng Shui as a way to not only enhance a home or retail environment, but as a tool to support, nurture and awaken herself and her clients. She believes that everyone is entitled to good design, and to love and work in environments that are personal, thoughtfully curated and tuned to the unique needs and energy of their inhabitants. Working with interior design principles and ancient Feng Shui practices, Amy wants to aid in not only adjusting the physical space, but to help bring about a deeper understanding and clarity to how we live, how our spaces can support our individual journeys, and how we all have the power to transform our lives.

  • William (Will) Brown

    William (Will) Brown

    Will Brown Interiors LLC

    Kansas City, Missouri


    about William

    Will has added the practice of Feng Shui into his interior design business as an enhancement service offering a more holistic way of intersecting design with living mindfully. Emerging from the weight of our pandemic, Will realized the home was more important than ever for safety and sanctuary. Brown also recognizes that people will not only desire to create home as sanctuary but that the spaces must also be conducive for working comfortably and professionally from home. He offers mundane and practical adjustments that can improve the Chi within the different areas of the home even as he creates refined and gracious interiors for his well-traveled clientele.

  • Erin Delander

    Erin Delander

    Much Love Interiors

    Denver, Colorado


    about Erin

    Cell: 720-203-0091

    Helping people feel healthy and happy in their interior environments has been a passion of mine from a very young age. My background and expertise are rooted in residential and commercial interior design and construction. BTB Feng Shui allows me to view interior spaces from a holistic and metaphysical perspective. By using this knowledge, I can focus on the well-being of people; guiding them to thrive in their environments. My company, Much Love Interiors, was built on a foundation of deep empathy, understanding, and passion for people.

  • Lucy Frisch

    Lucy Frisch

    New York Metro Area


    about Lucy

    Inspired by her Norwegian heritage and empowered by the BTB Feng Shui lineage, Lucy will guide you in creating nurturing spaces to support your personal needs and call in your greatest desires. Founded in the Norwegian concept of 'koselig', a sense of inner warmth and well-being that promotes feelings of comfort, calm, and deep contentment, Lucy's approach to Feng Shui pairs the power of simple, everyday rituals with ancient principles to help you curate cozy, sacred spaces with intention.

  • Panagiota (Yota) Sietos

    Panagiota (Yota) Sietos

    Mati Feng Shui

    Denver, Colorado


    about Yota

    Cell: 303-246-7848

    Yota will guide you to bring harmony, free-flowing energy, and prosperity to your space. Her inspirations combine her deep-rooted Greek traditions with BTB Feng Shui knowledge and certification. Her passions include art, interior design, and the holistic world. In addition to being a Feng Shui consultant, she also has a vast career in real estate and has helped her clients to transform their home by clearing stagnant energy and giving staging techniques. “I am blessed to have been given the intuition of understanding a space and its energy.” – Yota Sietos.

  • Tori McBrien

    Tori McBrien

    McBrien Interiors

    Connecticut/New York


    about Tori

    Tori combines over ten years of experience in the interior design industry with her passion for feng shui and green design. Tori's designs recognize that a home can be a place to heal, and that her clients want beautiful, functional spaces that are supportive and nurturing. Tori practices and uses Black Sect feng shui as a way to merge both ancient wisdom with modern design principles. By combining her design skills and intuition with ancient feng shui methods, she curates functional, beautiful, authentic spaces that support her clients in a deeper and more meaningful way.

  • Gloria E. Correa-Cepin

    Gloria E. Correa-Cepin

    Lotus Feng Shui Design

    Westchester, New York


    about Gloria

    Cell: 914-374-1149

    Gloria Correa-Cepin is a BTB Feng Shui Consultant and founder of Lotus Feng Shui Design. Gloria brings a unique perspective to her clients having worked in the Real Estate industry for over 17 years. Her love of beautiful spaces, gardens and all things design brought her to study Feng Shui. By introducing Feng Shui principles, Gloria seeks to share her wisdom and knowledge to empower and awaken her clients to have a better understanding of themselves and their environment.


  • Raymond Wang

    Raymond Wang

    Wellspring Journeys

    New York Metro Area


    about Raymond

    Cell: 917-515-3740

    Raymond is a teacher, life coach and a librarian. His abundantly unique life experiences led him to feng shui. He is naturally intuitive, design focused, and detail oriented. With a knack for researching all things feng shui, he is able to help clients find exactly what they need for their home, from plants to furniture. As a feng shui practitioner, he has experienced first-hand that feng shui is more than just arranging furniture and recommending aesthetic solutions to a space: it is a transformative process of the internal self.

  • Maria Ramsey

    Maria Ramsey

    The Philosopher's Stem



    about Maria

    Maria is an artist, herbalist, and certified BTB feng shui practitioner. She combines these passions to create feng shui-inspired botanical art to elevate homes and spaces, both energetically and aesthetically. As a feng shui practitioner, Maria has come to appreciate how important it is to be intentional in how we adorn our homes. Because the way you care for your space mirrors the way you care for yourself, Maria’s goal is to create meaningful, beautiful art for your home that uplifts and supports you.

  • Helen Chen

    Helen Chen

    New York / Tri-state area


    about Helen

    Helen integrates her fine art and design background to bring an artful and contemporary aesthetic to Feng Shui. She believes that small shifts in your personal space using of color, objects, and intention can create big changes to your life and overall well-being. Using traditional BTB methods of Feng Shui and creating a new visual language for Feng Shui, Helen will help you uplift a space and spark positive change to your life with a little style, edge and fun.

  • Desta Ostapyk

    Desta Ostapyk

    Design by Desta

    Toronto, ON


    about Desta

    Desta Ostapyk’s eclectic style and effervescent personality have made her one of Canada’s favourite designers for over a decade. She is regularly recognized for her work on the international hit TV series Love It or List It, where she transformed spaces to tempt homeowners to stay, and love, their current homes for seven seasons.

    Inspired by music, street style and architecture, Desta is an authority on style in the home, building and renovation.