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Mindful Design Feng Shui School also offers standalone online courses and workshops. Keep checking back for new & upcoming feng shui courses.

Love Story

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Feng Shui Love Story

What if you could write your own love story with the power of Feng Shui?

We created this course to help you bring more love into your life. We receive so many requests for guidance from people looking to improve existing partnerships or for finding a new love. We pulled together a straight forward, yet comprehensive guide to activating love in your home and heart. This course is perfect for you if you want:

  • to strengthen your current relationship
  • to find a new, gracious and loving partner
  • to focus on self-care and healing your heart

In this course you will get:

  • A detailed guide how to activate the love area in your home
  • A video about love and the energy of the bagua with feng shui teacher Anjie Cho
  • A secret transcendental cure for finding new love with feng shui teacher Laura Morris
  • A feng shui checklist to help you remove any blocks in your home
  • A cheat sheet on How-to set your bedroom up for love
  • Two energy boosting desktop wallpapers for daily inspiration
  • A downloadable guide on how to lay the bagua on your bedroom

Create a Sacred Space with Feng Shui

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Create a Sacred Space with Feng Shui

A simple and graceful guide to help you to transform your home into a sacred space. Mindfully designing your home with intention is the foundation of creating a sanctuary; a place where you can begin manifesting your goals, intentions, and purpose. Included in this package:

  • Guide: Nine Ways to Create a Sacred Space
  • Audio: Meditation for gratitude
  • Video: Walkthrough of the Nine Ways to Create a Sacred Space

Build your Business

Building Your Feng Shui Business

Coming Fall 2019. Building Your Feng Shui Business is a live, online program that focuses on helping you to build, brand, and launch your feng shui related business. Build your own feng shui consulting practice or learn how to integrate it into an existing modality. A 6-week program with live online weekly sessions, taught in an immersive in a mentorship style. You will create a business plan, marketing strategy, and learn how to develop a consistent brand message across all your business platforms.

Pre-requisite: Mindful Design Feng Shui Certification Program or an equivalent feng shui certification program. Limited enrollment.

To save your spot email us at info@mindfuldesignschool.com


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Feng Shui Foundations

Level 1 Self-Study Feng Shui Foundations is an intensive introduction to a transformational practice. The focus of Level 1 Feng Shui Foundations is to teach you the basic principles, while also demonstrating the transformative power of the practice: five modules that take you from the feng shui bagua map to space clearing. This intro level is an excellent standalone course for those interested in dipping a toe in feng shui waters. Learn at your own pace.