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Feng Shui Courses & Workshops

Mindful Design Feng Shui School also offers standalone online courses and workshops. Keep checking back for new & upcoming feng shui courses.

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Practical Feng Shui

Review your home one-on-one with Anjie and Laura! In this live online class, you will:

  • Learn the basics of this powerful practice
  • Review your floor plan and the bagua
  • Map out your home to increase abundance

Limited to 18 participants. We're keeping the class size small so we can answer everyone's questions.

Stay tuned for new workshops in 2021. Get on our mailing list to get notified.

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Create a Sacred Space with Feng Shui

A simple and graceful guide to help you to transform your home into a sacred space. Mindfully designing your home with intention is the foundation of creating a sanctuary; a place where you can begin manifesting your goals, intentions, and purpose. Included in this package:

  • Guide: Nine Ways to Create a Sacred Space
  • Audio: Meditation for gratitude
  • Video: Walkthrough of the Nine Ways to Create a Sacred Space

Graduate-Only Courses