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Laura Morris and Anjie Cho
Laura Morris and Anjie Cho

Laura Morris and Anjie Cho are the founders of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School. Together they have over two decades of experience designing harmonious spaces for their clients in their successful design businesses. Through their articles, books, workshops, videos, TV appearances, and consultations, Laura and Anjie have guided thousands of people to shift their energy and revitalize their living spaces.

Laura is a certified Feng Shui consultant, interior decorator, and artist. She was the Feng Shui expert on the CBC’s popular lifestyle show Steven & Chris, and is also the author of Creating Change: 27 Feng Shui Design Projects to Boost the Energy in your Home. She sits as the Board Chair of the International Feng Shui Guild.

Anjie is a certified Feng Shui consultant, licensed architect, and assistant teacher in the Shambhala lineage. She is also the author of Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home. She’s the feng shui expert at the Spruce and has been featured in dozens of publications including: The New York Times, MindBodyGreen and BuzzFeed.

Our Lineage Acknowledgement

We owe a debt of gratitude to our Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui teachers, those who have come before us and taught us directly*. They learned the practice of feng shui directly from our root teacher, his Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun Fourth Stage lineage holder of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui teachings**. We are also beneficiaries of wisdom traditions that include Taoist, Buddhist, Chinese folk, Tibetan Bon*** and Tantric lineages. We are part of a golden chain of wisdom. These feng shui practices are not ours, and we cannot claim them as our own, they are part of a greater wisdom with deep roots. We are one branch on a great tree that has grown from these deeper lineage roots.

* Steven Post, Rosalie Prinzivalli, Barry Gordon, and Katherine Metz
** Her Holiness Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche is the current lineage holder and Fifth Stage of Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism
*** Bon Shen Ling Tibetan Bon Education Fund

As seen in

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  • CBC
  • Elle Decor
  • Inhabitat
  • MindBodyGreen
  • The Spruce
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  • Signing up for the Mindful Design Feng Shui certification was truly divine timing! Diving into the world of Feng Shui with Laura and Anjie was fun, practical and a down-right eye-opening immersion into the world of energy. After 6 months, I was beyond confident in my ability to offer Feng Shui services, having clearly learned how to connect a person to their space using energy.

    Laura and Anjie are supportive, kind and a major source of Feng Shui knowledge! By signing up for this course you become part of a lineage stretching thousands of years, while simultaneously forming the foundation of a new group of healers using the home as their tool. By joining, you're getting access to teachers, knowledge, and a group of like-minded individuals to embark on this journey with. If Feng Shui feels right to you, then go for it!

    — Stacy Scott, Sanctuary Feng Shui
    Mindful Design Certified Practitioner

  • Mindful Design Feng Shui school came to my attention as I was scrolling the internet wanting to educate myself on the art of placement. At the time I thought Feng Shui was mostly about moving furniture around and introducing decor to a space, to my amazement it was much more! You can only learn so much from the internet. That’s why when I discovered that there was a certification program I knew I had to sign up. You absorb so much from having the class and teachers at your fingertips, its engaging, interesting, and you have your teachers and your classmates to learn from. I saw a great number of changes happen in my life during and after the program, it was a wonderful experience. I definitely enjoyed the course and recommend to anyone interested in being a consultant or to anyone who just wants to know more about Feng Shui and mindfulness. They teach you a wealth of knowledge!!! Thank you Anjie & Laura, you two are true gifts!

    — Rachel R., Realtor
    Mindful Design Certified Practitioner

  • The founders of Mindful Design Feng Shui School are both published authors. Laura Morris wrote Creating Change: 27 Feng Shui design projects to boost the energy in your home, while Anjie Cho wrote Holistic Spaces: 108 ways to create a mindful and peaceful home. If you preview each book, you’ll see that they both have a unique way of teaching Feng Shui. That being said, they work synergistically together helping students get a deeper understanding of Feng Shui. A dynamic twosome who will help you learn how to become a Feng Shui consultant.

    — Mary Ann R.
    Mindful Design Feng Shui Certified Practitioner

  • I love everything about the Feng Shui Mindful Design School! The content is uniformly organized, the platform is easy to navigate between live sessions and downloadable materials, and it’s the perfect combination of Feng Shui and mindfulness. The teachers are friendly, informative, and have a wealth of knowledge to share; most importantly, they ask for feedback and follow through. I have found this class to be a blessing, as a new mom still working her day job looking for a career transition.

    At the beginning of the course, I was a little overwhelmed with all the information. I can remember the one class when Anjie & Laura were talking about the bagua from a business perspective. And that was when the whole bagua map lit up for me! My understanding before was more literal and then a light bulb went off. I could see the bagua and feng shui in different perspectives. Everything just fell into place... That’s when I felt I became a true feng shui practitioner.

    Confidence was the biggest benefit I received from Mindful Design Program. There was a shift, and feng shui became more fluent for me. Confidence in the business sense, that I can do this and I understand feng shui so much better. Confidence in being comfortable of charging people valuing myself and my knowledge. I’ve been interested in feng shui for at least six years before the program. I read a couple of books on it, but through this course, I really have become fluent in feng shui. The Mindful Design program was the glue that put everything together and made feng shui make sense. And, I can proudly and confidently say “Yes, I am a feng shui consultant!

    — Steph S.
    Mindful Design Feng Shui Certified Practitioner

  • The number one transformation that I received from the Mindful Design program was my confidence to do consultations. The support from the teachers, the live format and the opportunities to interact with and ask the teachers questions during the entire program made the difference.

    I was already a certified feng shui consultant but I really wanted to learn the true traditional BTB feng shui techniques. The BTB feng shui transcendental methods really resonate with me. I looked at many different schools, and this program was exactly what I was looking for. I knew there was more to it and not just moving your stuff around. I looked forward to our weekly classes and fell in love with feng shui even more! It really just goes so deep. I wouldn’t change a thing about the program! I just want to do more!

    — Rose G.
    Mindful Design Feng Shui Certified Practitioner

  • I would highly recommend Anjie & Laura’s Mindful Design Feng Shui School. It’s absolutely 100% worth the cost, and I want to keep learning even more! I’ve taken other programs, and I appreciated that this wasn’t a quick in and out over a weekend. This program brought me so much more information, knowledge and depth of understanding.

    While I had a good foundation of classical & compass methods prior to, these ladies really floored me with their breadth and depth of BTB knowledge. Week after week, I was drawn in to know more about how Feng Shui can help people change their lives to live more authentically & in harmony with others and their environment. I’ve been fortunate to take advantage of their one-on-one mentoring calls which provided me with the practical tools, skills, and confidence to conduct my first consultation.

    Since receiving my certification, I’ve really see changes beyond just being a feng shui consultant. I learned patience with the process and developed a deeper connection with my family. My qi, energy, has changed. I have a clear vision on what I want to do with my business. All these things in all areas of my life are coming together, and real tangible things are changing and really happening for me.

    As for the teachers, each brings their own insight & professional expertise to further enhance your Feng Shui education and connect it to practical applications one may see in the field. If you are looking for a BTB Feng Shui Certification program Mindful Design Feng Shui School definitely should be at the top of your list!

    — Stephanie H., The House of Chi
    Mindful Design Feng Shui Certified Practitioner

  • My background is in architecture and I knew very little about Feng Shui before entering the Mindful Design Program. Over the last few years I had been trying to bring more intention and mindfulness into all areas of my life but had never understood how that might translate into our personal and work spaces. Wanting to learn how ancient wisdom and mindfulness applied to our modern day spaces, I decided to jump into the program to learn more! I didn’t have a clear vision for how I would integrate Feng Shui with my current profession, but I was so inspired by both Anjie and Laura’s integration of Feng Shui into their own businesses that I knew that the course would be a place for me to find my own path.

    Within a few classes I had a big a-ha moment—happiness in your life and in your space starts with youMindful Design School gave me the confidence and the practical tools to start seeing immediate shifts in my own energy. Further, Anjie and Laura’s deep knowledge of Feng Shui combined with their thoughtful and intentional teaching approach created a wonderfully rich environment for both my personal and professional growth. In each class we learned both practical and transcendental tools that we could put into practice right away. Each week I was seeing shifts with both myself, my space and my family. By the end of the course, I had a profound understanding of the dynamic relationship between people and their spaces and the confidence to start my own consulting business.

    Mindful Design School’s supportive and nurturing environment helped me make tremendous changes in my life…thank you Anjie & Laura!

    — Amy S., Joyful Family Spaces
    Mindful Design Feng Shui Certified Practitioner

Gold Level IFSG