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5 Ways to Invite Romance with Feng Shui

5 Ways to Invite Romance with Feng Shui
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Happy Valentine’s Day! Even if you aren’t into red roses or candy hearts, this time of year can be an opportunity to consider your relationship to love and romance. Whether you tend to focus on them or not, these things make up an important pillar of our lives, just like our career, family, and health.

Romance and feng shui

You may have heard us talk about the feng shui bagua before. The bagua is a tool that we use as feng shui practitioners to gain more insight about a client’s life, and it’s made up of eight areas, or guas, around a center. On a very basic level, each gua corresponds to a specific aspect of life.

One of these guas, called Kun, is also referred to as partnerships, marriage, romance, or love. Like all of the guas, Kun has many layers of meaning. In the I Ching, Kun is earth; you can think of Kun as the rich, dark, fertile soil where seeds can grow. While this gua tends to be boiled down to love and romance, it’s really about caring for someone deeply and being the earth that nurtures them and allows them to grow.

There are many ways you can work with this energy in feng shui to invite more love and romance into your life. Read on for five of our favorite tips!

  1. Pay attention to Kun

    First, find Kun in your home: Stand at the front of your home facing in, and locate the far right corner. You can also do the same thing in your bedroom, since the bagua can be applied to your home as a whole or a single room.

    Once you’ve found Kun in your home or bedroom, what’s happening there? Is it bright and well cared for? Could it use a deep clean? Are you using it to store things you no longer want or need? How does the energy of this part of your home correspond to your experience of love and romance in your life?

  2. Make space for a partner

    If you’re in a relationship or you’d like to be in a relationship, it’s important that there is space for another person in your life! Imagine that you are your future (or current) partner: is it easy to get in and out on your side of the bed? Is there a nightstand where you can place a few things for the night, and a lamp if you want to read before you go to sleep? If you’re already in a relationship, you can nurture this connection by making sure your partner has enough room in your home. If you’re looking for a new partner, it’s important to open up space physically and energetically to invite this person in.

  3. Choose a supportive color

    In feng shui, the color peach is recommended when you want to invite in a new romantic partner. If you want to paint your bedroom walls, go for it – but you can also bring in the color peach in smaller ways, like bed linens or throw pillows. Note: once you’ve found a partner, be sure to pick a new color for your bedroom, unless you want to keep attracting new romantic prospects!

    If you’re already in a relationship and you want to invite in more love and romance, you may want to add the color pink to your bedroom. Again, this doesn’t have to be something big like painting the walls; a vase of fresh pink flowers or a beautiful work of art that includes pink tones is enough to shift the qi when you add it with intention.

  4. Work with the orchid symbol

    Orchids are often used in feng shui when someone is single and wants to bring a charming, noble partner into their life. If you’d like to work with the orchid to invite in a partner, place a pink or purple orchid on your bedside table with this intention.

    If you give this tip a try, we would also encourage you to notice your relationship with your orchid plant after it stops blooming. People often let go of orchid plants after the beautiful blooms have faded, but continuing to care for this plant throughout its life can offer us a valuable teaching when it comes to our romantic relationships. Instead of neglecting or letting go of our partner when life is difficult and not so beautiful, we can support them through these challenges.

  5. Bring in rose quartz crystals

    If you like to work with crystals, rose quartz can be a very supportive stone when it comes to love and partnerships. Rose quartz has a soft, soothing energy that resonates with the heart. You can put a pair of rose quartz crystals on your nightstand if you want to invite in more love or a new partner, or work with one stone if you want to focus on self-love and healing your own heart.

We hope these tips give you some ideas for how you can prioritize love and romance in your own life in a way that feels supportive to you!