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All About Mirrors: The Versatile Feng Shui Adjustment

Have you got a feng shui emergency that needs fixing fast? As our teacher Steven Post says, “Take two mirrors and call me in the morning”. Mirrors are one of the most versatile feng shui adjustments used by feng shui practitioners. In this video, Anjie goes over just some of the ways you can use a mirror to move, correct, and activate qi:

Your feng shui holiday survival toolbox:

  1. Correct command position

    When you are sitting at your desk, lying in bed, or cooking at the stove, it is optimal to have yourself positioned so you can see the main door to the room. This is what feng shui practitioners call the command or commanding position. It allows us to gain control of our lives, to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way, and reduce anxiety, just to name of few. But in feng shui we often have to work with what we are given, and it may not be possible to move your bed or desk, this is where a mirror comes in handy. Watch the video to learn how Anjie has used one in her workspace.

  2. Counter negative qi

    Mirrors can be used to diminish the power of less than beneficial external forces. Often called sha qi, this negative energy can be fast moving, and can make you feel anxious and unsettled. A mirror can turn that power upside down and weaken the on-coming energy.

  3. Expand your view

    If you are feeling closed in, blocked, or creatively stuck, adding a mirror can open up your view and expand your qi.

  4. Enhance certain guas

    Mirrors can also be used to enhance certain areas of the bagua. Also, if you are missing a part of the bagua or a gua (area of the bagua) you can use a mirror to expand and correct.

  5. Increase focus

    Another slightly lesser known way to use a mirror is for focus. This is especially great to do in your workspace. Watch the video to get more details.