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Bed Placement and Feng Shui

In this week’s video, Laura focuses on the bed placement and reviews 3 bedroom situations that have come up as questions in our Facebook group.

In the feng shui Anjie & I practice (Black Sect feng shui) we use the dominant flow of qi as our guide and starting point (not the compass directions): find the main door, entrance and/or prevailing direction of energy (qi) flow.

The Commanding Position: Set up your bed in a position where you can see the main door especially when lying down. You want to be far away enough away from the door, but also have a sense of vision of what’s coming at you. In Black Sect feng shui, the command position is an important concept that allows you to take control of your life, sleep better, and lower anxiety. There is a sense of ease that is created when you can see what is coming through your main bedroom door.

Having said all this, the question invariably comes up, what to do if you can’t set your bed in the commanding position. Not every situation is going to be perfect because some bedrooms are not built with feng shui in mind. So it is important to work with your space and change it in very simple ways.

Quick tip: if you can’t see the main door to the bedroom from your bed, place a mirror in the bedroom. The mirror should be positioned so that you can see it from the bed and it captures the image of the main door to the bedroom. Voila, now you are in command!

More examples of bedrooms: Check out the article Laura wrote on the basics of bed placement here for more info.

Here are some questions about bedrooms that we have recently received:

  1. What if the foot of my bed points to a fireplace?

    Having a fireplace and having your feet pointing toward its direction is not necessarily a bad thing or an issue you need to worry about. What you might want explore and ask yourself is if there is too much heat or fire energy? As an example: is there fighting, arguing, and sparks of anger? You may need to balance the overall energy of the room. You can balance it out by adding a mirror over the fireplace (water element). The cooling energy of water (from the mirror) balances the energy of fire. Other ways to bring in water: images of water, bowls of water (vase of flowers), shape of water (wavy and undulating lines).

  2. What if I have a lot doors into my bedroom?

    Doors are important for obvious reasons, they allow you to move freely from one area to another, they also qi to flow smoothly throughout the home. Doors also represent the voices of whoever is in the bedroom (couple, child, etc.). Multiple doors can mean lots of voices and varying opinions in your life, or feeling you are not being heard because of being drowned out by others’ voices. The simplest and quickest fix is to hang a feng shui crystal from the ceiling at the center of the bedroom. This will help to soften the impact of the voices/opinions coming into your life. Hanging a feng shui crystal in the centre of your bedroom will also modulate the energy, and solidify your own center so you can be more brilliant and effective in the world.

    Quick Tip: A feng shui crystal is a man-made, faceted crystal. Often made from a blend of lead and glass, these feng shui crystal prisms come in various sizes and colours. They have a small hole drilled in the top so they can be hung. Learn more about them here.

  3. Can I place my bed in front of a window?

    Not the design choice I would make, as it can feel awkward and make your bed look out of place. It can also block the flow of energy. In some cases it may be the only option for bed placement. Tips for this bed position: Get a solid and well attached headboard. Make sure there are no specific issues/concerns (issues with eyes or kidneys) with the individual who sleeps on that bed. Placing your bed in front of the window may not be the best option if you are having difficulties seeing where to go next in your life: a lack of clarity or vision.