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Create a Mindful Workspace with Feng Shui

Create a Mindful Workspace with Feng Shui
Photo from Unsplash by Alexa Williams

As entrepreneurs, we think a lot about how we can connect mindfully to our work and our life purpose. From a feng shui perspective, your career and path in life corresponds to your office or the space where you do your work. This could be a home office, a traditional office, an easel, or even a kitchen counter if you’re a stay-at-home parent.

Instead of giving you a checklist to complete, we’re going to share a few questions to help you connect with your space, and some suggestions to help you set up a workspace that supports you. Instead of trying to incorporate all of our suggestions, pick one that resonates with you. Even one simple change can really shift things in your life.

What does your workspace mean to you?

This could be a question you haven’t thought about much, so you may want to spend some time journaling or talking it through with someone you trust. Is your space set up in a way that allows you to work towards your goals? The ideal setup will look different for everyone, because everyone’s work life will be different. One person may have a corporate career with a dedicated office, while someone else may be carving out a space in an apartment to work on their small creative business.

Also, consider how you feel about your workspace. Is it a space where you want to spend time? Is it enough space for the type of work you do? It’s helpful to review your feelings about this area, and notice what insight that can give you.

Regardless of what your workspace looks like, it’s important to be in a secure and comfortable position when you’re working. This means that when you’re doing your substantive work that requires your focus, it’s helpful to be in a position that gives you a good view of the room you’re in. When you’re sitting at your desk or in position to do your work, can you see the main entrance to the room? This helps you to feel in control, and removes the low-level anxiety that can be present when your back is to the door. Having a view of what’s coming towards you also translates symbolically to being able to see opportunities that may be coming your way.

Do you feel supported in your workspace?

No matter what type of work you do, investigate whether you feel supported. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, do you have the support you need to take care of your family? If you work a corporate job, do you feel supported by your team?

If you feel like you could use more support, you may want to consider the chair in your workspace. Notice whether it’s comfortable and functional. If you’re in a position to upgrade your chair, we would recommend getting one with a high back; this supports your back both physically and energetically.

You can also work with the feng shui bagua to invite in more support. Qian, also called Helpful People, could be an area to pay attention to and activate if you want to bring more help and support into your life. You can learn more about the feng shui bagua by downloading our free bagua kit.

Are your work and life in balance?

Notice your boundaries around work, and whether you have any difficulty with work-life balance. If you are feeling like work is creeping into your personal time, you may want to try turning off your devices and putting away your work materials when you’re done with work for the day. This ritual can really create a clear boundary that indicates when your work time is over.

Also, does your relationship with your electronics feel balanced? Many of us spend a lot of time on the computer or phone when we’re working. If you’re feeling tired from the amount of time you’re spending with your screens and devices, pay attention to that feeling. We love placing black crystals like black tourmaline, shungite, or obsidian in our work areas to help absorb energy and keep us from becoming overwhelmed by our electronic devices. You can also add a plant to your desk for protection and support. Snake plant is one of our favorite plants for this purpose. You can learn more about some of our favorite feng shui plants in this podcast episode.

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