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Everyday Feng Shui: Daily Feng Shui Rituals

Everyday Feng Shui: Daily Feng Shui Rituals

If you’re new to feng shui, or if you’ve been interested in it for a while and have found yourself deep in a feng shui rabbit hole on the internet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Feng shui is a complex practice that has been around for thousands of years, and there are many possible ways to apply it in your home.

It doesn’t have to be so complicated, though. We love finding simple ways to incorporate feng shui into our everyday lives. Here are a few of our favorite daily feng shui rituals:

Focus on your front door.

We’ve worked with a lot of clients who tend to use a side door or back door because it’s more conveniently located than their formal front door. In feng shui, your front door is how qi, or life force energy, comes into your home, so we always encourage people to activate it by using it regularly. If you neglect your front door, this could indicate that there are potential opportunities or sources of qi that you haven’t been open to. Try making a daily ritual out of opening your door. This could be when you check the mail, or simply to step outside for a moment.

You can also activate your front door and the surrounding area by keeping it clean and welcoming. This might mean sweeping your front step and cleaning your door with intention every few weeks. We also love bringing freshly cut flowers into the foyer to brighten and uplift this area of the home. This helps to create a welcoming space that greets you when you come home, and lifts your qi when you go out into the world.

Connect with the sun.

Try connecting with the energy of the sun a little bit each day. This could mean going for a walk outdoors, or simply enjoying a moment each morning on your front porch. You could also open all of your curtains and blinds to let sunshine into your house. The sun is a great example of yang energy, which is bright, active, and uplifting.

Set up your desk with intention.

Your desk represents your career and work, so it’s an important area to pay attention to if this is an aspect of your life that you’d like to focus on. One very simple thing you can do is move the items on your desk, which also helps to move the qi around.

Another way to bring more intention to your desk is to clear it off between projects. If you’ve just finished something that you’ve been working on for a while, take a few moments to reset your desk. Remove anything you no longer need within reach, clean your desk, and consider adding any supplies or decorations that will be supportive to you as you start your new project.

Pay attention to your plants.

Plants can be very positive additions to your home from a feng shui perspective because they represent life energy, growth, and flexibility. We often recommend placing a plant in a particular area of your home according to the bagua, which is a great way to activate a particular aspect of your life. However, instead of placing a plant somewhere and making it work for you, we would also encourage you to pay attention to any plants you’ve added. Be curious about what they may be telling you. Is one of your plants thriving? Does another one seem a bit down on its luck? These can be clues about what is going on in the corresponding area of your life, and clues about how you can respond to your plants and give them what they need to thrive. If you need a refresher on how to work with the bagua in your home, download our free bagua ebook.

Listen to your home.

People sometimes have the misconception that everything in your home has to be placed strategically based on the bagua. This isn’t usually realistic given the spaces we live in, and it’s also a very rigid, static way of approaching feng shui. Instead of trying to find the perfect meditation area in your home according to the bagua, for example, notice where it makes sense to create a meditation area. Then, pay attention to what that means to you. If you set up a meditation cushion in the Helpful People gua (called Qian) because that’s the most practical place for it, get curious about how that reflects what you are experiencing in terms of helpful people in your life.

We hope these inspire you to find a few simple ways to bring feng shui into your everyday life. If you’re interested in learning more specific feng shui tools and rituals that are personalized to your unique life and space, we would encourage you to set up a consultation with one of our graduates!