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The Five Elements: Earth

earth element Photo by Dylan de Jonge on Unsplash

Today we’re exploring the earth element: what it represents, why you might want to add it to your space, and what to do if you have too much of it. If you’re new to the five elements (earth, water, fire, metal, and wood), be sure to read our introduction to the five elements.

Qualities of Earth

The earth element is stable, supportive, nurturing, and grounding. Think about the earth below your feet: it’s always there to support you. The earth element is also connected to nourishment and how we take care of ourselves.

Adding the earth element to your space

When someone doesn’t have enough earth energy, they may have a harder time being nurturing and generous with others. Incorporating the earth element into your home can also help if you are feeling anxious and ungrounded, or if you’re feeling the need for more stability and support.

One way to add the earth element to your space is through earthy colors like brown, as well as yellows and ochres. Feel free to get creative with how you introduce these colors! Tip: try yellow sheets if you want to focus on health, since the earth element is related to wellbeing and self care.

You can also add square shapes, which represent earth. Rectangular tables and desks can be a great way to incorporate earthy shapes, or frame some artwork you love in a square frame! Heavy objects, as well as natural stones and crystals, also represent earth.

Too much earth

If you tend to put others first to the point of sacrificing your own needs or neglecting your self care, you may have too much earth. In order to create more balance, add the wood element to break up earth (think of a tree’s roots breaking up soil) or metal, which depletes earth (since metal ore is made up of earth.)

What do you already have in your home that represents earth? What’s one thing you could add to bring your earth element into balance?