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Part 2: Feng Shui & Career

Today’s episode is part two in a three-part series about feng shui and career. Last week we talked a bit about what the bagua is. We also introduced the career area of the bagua and discussed how to find it your a home or bedroom. Today we’re going to talk all about that career area, called Kan, and what it means.

One of the most fascinating things about feng shui is its relationship to the five elements. Career is related to the element of water, and there are two energies of water. There is the still energy of water: yin, deep, dark - imagine a deep ocean. There is also the more yang, active energy of water; visualize a rushing river. Both types of water energy are connected to how your career path shifts and changes.

The still water represents wisdom and depth of knowledge. Water can be either deep and vast like the ocean, or shallow and wide. The hope is that as move through your career life, you can discover what you love and focus more deeply on those things. As you focus and gain a greater knowledge you develop a deeper wisdom in those areas - like a deep ocean. This depth of knowledge and expertise may take time. There’s a Taoist saying, that challenges you to think about whether you have the patience to let the muddy water settle. This is another way you can visualize the qualities of water. Do you have the patience to let the career that you love arise? Are you willing to invest the necessary time to cultivate your wisdom?

Then there’s the other aspect of water, which is like a rushing river. This represents connection. For the most part, we need to interact with people and be out in the world in order to find success in our career. People won’t know that the skills and wisdom that you’ve cultivated unless you reach out and connect with others. That can mean going out more often, making a certain number of sales calls, networking, or calling friends - jumping in the energy of moving water.

One final note: water adapts to whatever container it’s in. Can you be flexible? Can you go with the flow? Can you adapt to different situations? These are all very important skills in your career. Remember the dual energies of water at play: make sure you have the patience to cultivate your skills, and that you are open reaching out and connecting to others.

Check in next week for part three, where we’ll talk about how to activate your career area.