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Part 3: Feng Shui & Career

This vlog post is the third of a three-part series about feng shui and career. In part one, we talked about how to find your career area. In part two, we talked about the career area’s relationship to water and the significance and symbolism around this relationship. Understanding the symbolism is important because it will help you to be more effective when you begin to enhance and activate your career area.

In this video we will walk you through how to enhance your career area so that you can manifest more opportunities in your career. If you are not sure how to find your career area (in your home or bedroom) start with Part 1: Feng Shui & Career.

The five elements are a fundamental part of feng shui, and the element that is associated with career is water. Read more here about water and career in Part 2: Feng Shui & Career. Water represents your wisdom, the things that flow to you, and how you flow through life. You can activate the career area (Kan), by using the water element. You can do this by bringing in the material, shape or color associated with the water element. The shapes associated with water are wavy and undulating shapes (formless). One straightforward, and really beautiful way, to bring the water element into a space is to use wavy and watery imagery, like photography or artwork.

Another way to bring in more water would be through the color black, which is associated with water and the career area. You might expect the color for water to be a bright Caribbean blue, but black has that depth of wisdom. You don’t have to paint the walls black (although if that works in your design, go for it!). You can simply add in a piece of furniture that’s black, like a console table or a chair. Another idea is to frame your watery picture with a black frame.

The last way to enhance your career area would be to add in a mirror. Mirrors are related to the water element (reflection and movement), but they also expand and open up a space. When you add a mirror to your career area, especially if it happens to be the front entrance, it expands and opens up that area to receive more opportunities in your career.

We hope this series was helpful, and that you take this information and begin to activate your career!