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Feng Shui Bird Symbolism: Rooster, Swallow, and Duck

Feng Shui Bird Symbolism: Rooster, Swallow, and Duck
Photo by Vincent Van Zalinge on Unsplash

In many ways, feng shui is about connecting with the cycles of nature. The words “feng shui” translate to “wind” and “water,” which is an indication of how important our connection to nature is when it comes to our ability to thrive. One way that we can deepen our connection to nature in our homes is by working with symbolism from the natural world. Feng shui recognizes natural elements such as plants, fruit, and animals as powerful symbols that can bring more meaning into our homes and lives.

Birds in particular have been considered very special beings in many cultures because of their ability to fly and their musical calls. They are often believed to be a connection between earth and heaven, and paying attention to the birds around us can help us connect to our environment. Bringing images of birds into your home can be a beautiful way to support certain intentions in your life. You can do this through ceramics, wallpaper, textiles, or artwork — feel free to use your creativity in this part of the process!

Read on to learn about the meaning behind three popular feng shui bird symbols and why you might want to bring them into your home:


A well-known bird across many cultures, the reliable rooster crows every morning. Their call welcomes a new day and signals the end of darkness. Because of this, they represent protection. The rooster is also one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. The energy of this zodiac animal is bold, proud, talkative, and boisterous. Roosters are also related to the metal element, which symbolizes organization, communication, and precision.

How to work with the rooster symbol in your home: Place an image of a rooster near your front door to help create more protection for you and your family.


Swallows are migratory birds, and their arrival signifies spring. Images of swallows are often paired with wisteria, a plant that blooms in the spring. In feng shui, the season of spring is connected to family, and swallows represent family harmony. Swallows also fly in groups and build nests for their families, so they are connected to the ideas of coming together and working together. It’s considered good luck to have a swallow’s nest on your roof.

How to work with the swallow symbol in your home: Try adding images of swallows in the center of your home or in the New Beginnings area of the bagua (called Zhen in Chinese) to encourage family harmony.


Ducks represent happy, contented, marital bliss or partnership. Mandarin ducks in particular are connected to long-lasting partnerships, because they are said to mate for life. Pairs of wooden Mandarin ducks are traditionally given as a wedding gift in some Asian cultures. They are a cheerful and beautiful emblem of connection. The story is that if the pair is separated, the one that is left would perish of sadness.

How to work with the duck symbol in your home: Place a pair of Mandarin duck sculptures or an image of two Mandarin ducks in the Relationship area (called Xun in Chinese) of your home or bedroom to encourage a happy, long-lasting partnership.

Do any of these bird symbols resonate with you? Will you try bringing one of them into your home? To learn more about bird symbolism in feng shui, listen to this episode of the Holistic Spaces Podcast.