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Laura’s Favorite Crystals

By Laura Morris

Colourful, sparkly, smooth, jagged, small, large—I love all kinds of crystals. Now, I wouldn't consider myself an expert in crystals, but I have pored over Judy Hall’s The Encyclopedia of Crystals and I have a rather large personal collection. In the work I do as a feng shui consultant, crystals come in very handy. In feng shui, we love crystals because they have a distinct and rare type of energy.

encyclopedia of crystals

#1 reason feng shui practitioners love crystals: They come from the earth: out of the ground, deep beneath us. This means they hold a lot of earth qi. In feng shui we see each of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) as having a “signature of qi” (Qi, Chi or Ch’i is the unseen energy that flows through the earth and nourishes all living things. Qi is life force, vital energy). Earth qi is all about stability, grounding and feeling nurtured.

#2 reason feng shui practitioners love crystals: Each type of crystal has its own vibrational energy and qualities. This means that we can use crystals in several ways: to align with areas of the bagua, for issues with personal qi deleptions, for energetic protection, and to sharpen our own psychic and intuitive gifts.

Here are 5 favs from my personal collection:

Labradorite: Loved for its mystical qualities and for personal transformation. For me it’s about protection and guarding against energetic drains or leaks.


Pyrite: For me when it comes to pyrite, it is pretty simple: it looks like gold and it’s metallic. I have this huge piece in my Helpful People area (Helpful People is a metal area; to learn more about the areas of the bagua click here). Pyrite is also connected to prosperity.


Aventurine: Aventurine makes me feel calm. I think the soothing green colour also appeals to me. It is about healing and well-being, and is connected with the heart chakra. I like to add this to the Kun area (Romance/Partnerships area of the bagua) if you need some deep heart healing.


Selenite: So much beautiful yin moon energy with this crystal. I have a humongous piece in a visible central location to bring peace to the household.

smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz: I see Smokey Quartz as a negative energy vacuum. I use it to protect myself in uncertain situations and for overall grounding. This crystal is a workhorse, and packs a punch when it comes to earth qi!

smoky quartz 2