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Feng Shui Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Feng Shui Tips for Moving Into a New Home
Photo by Karolina Grabowka on Pexels

Have you moved recently, or are you planning to move in the near future? If so, this is a great time to apply some feng shui principles to your space so that you can step into your home on the right foot! Even if you’re only living somewhere temporarily, it can be helpful to take a few moments to make sure your home is supporting you energetically.

Here are some of our best feng shui tips when you’ve just moved into a new home:

Clear your space

When you’re in a new home, it’s helpful to create a fresh start energetically. Your space will have predecessor qi, which means that it has been impacted by the energy of the people living there before you. Even if your home is a new build, there have probably been many people coming and going to work on the building, so you’ll still want to clear the space. One of our favorite ways to do this is by using sound: try ringing a metal bell in your home and letting it reverberate throughout the space, clearing out any old qi. You can also make a cleaning solution with vinegar and cleansing botanicals or essential oils and use it to wash the floors. We love orange, pine, and juniper for this.

Welcome your home

In feng shui, we believe everything is alive, including your home. Treat your space like a new friend, and your home will treat you the same way. Introduce yourself and offer gratitude to your new home for supporting you. You may even want to voice some aspirations and intentions and share them with your space.

Open the stove

Your stove is an important place in your home where you cook meals that nourish you. When you are well-nourished, you are able to be prosperous in the world, which is why your stove is directly connected to your wealth and resources. To invite more abundance into your life, try cleaning your stove with intention. You can even soak some orange peels in vinegar to make your own cleaning solution — this is especially positive because oranges have a lot of yang energy and are symbols of abundance. Once you’ve cleaned your stove, turn each burner on and let it get really hot before turning it off. This helps to remove predecessor qi from your stove and open it up to wealth and abundance for you and your family.

Get a fresh new set of sheets

While it can be easy to prioritize the public areas of your home when you move into a new space, take some time to focus on your bedroom, which represents you. You spend a lot of passive time in your bedroom, and especially in your bed, so it’s worthwhile to pay attention to what you’re surrounding yourself with in bed. A new set of sheets can be really helpful in creating a fresh start. We would recommend getting the best quality bedding that you can—if possible, look for items made from ethically sourced and organic materials. They don’t have to be really expensive, but try to get the highest quality sheets that you can.

Bring in bouquets of fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are a great way to infuse your home with joy. Place a few bouquets of fresh, fragrant blooms throughout your home, and notice how the energy shifts! Flowers are also a reminder to celebrate your recent move. Even if you’re only living in this space temporarily, allow yourself to be held and grounded in your home during the time that you are living there.

Will you try any of these feng shui tips in your new home? If you’re not moving anytime soon, you might want to share this post with a friend who is!