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Nine Feng Shui-Inspired Holiday Decorating Ideas

Many of us give extra attention to our homes during the holiday season as we prepare for hosting and celebrating, so why not incorporate some feng shui while you’re at it? Here are nine feng shui-inspired ways to boost your holiday decorating:

  1. oranges
    Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

    Place a bowl of nine oranges, clementines, or satsumas in the kitchen. The bright color and scent of these fruits brings yang energy in your home. Pro tip: keep them somewhere visible so you boost the energy of everyone who sees them. (And yes, it’s ok to eat them--we recommend replacing the ones you eat to keep your bowl full of fresh fruit)

  2. plant under lights

    Decorate with sparkly lights. This is a great way to wake up a corner of your home that feels a little dull (low qi) and needs some extra love. Pro tip: you can double the energy in that forgotten corner by adding a beautiful plant and hanging a simple string of whte lights on it.

  3. branches
    Photo by Jan Kubita on Unsplash

    Bring fresh greens into your home. This can be in the form of a Christmas tree, garland, or simply some branches you’ve cut from a tree outside. Evergreens have a fresh, cleansing scent, and boost wood energy, which is associated with growth, compassion, and strong family connections.

  4. wreath
    Photo by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash

    Hang a wreath. This is a lovely way to incorporate fresh greens. Greens and reds invite positive energy and prosperity into the home. Pro tip: wreaths and tying greenery in a circle dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. The circle is seen as auspicious shape in many cultures, and is a symbol of connection and the cycle of life.

  5. red berries
    Photo by Karen Stahlros on Unsplash

    Decorate with the color red. Red is a powerful color that lifts and activates energy. If you want to encourage abundance, try placing red objects outside the front door of your home to attract qi and prosperity.

  6. flowering plant
    Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

    Boost wealth with a flowering plant. Like the color red, flowering plants can help attract abundance. Try placing it in the far left corner of your desk, which is the wealth area of the bagua. Learn more about the bagua here.

  7. candles
    Photo by Matej Novosad on Pexels

    Light candles. Candles represent fire energy and will make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Bringing in more fire qi is especially important (in the Northern hemisphere) as the days get colder, darker, and longer.

  8. festive greens
    Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

    Bring festive greens into the kitchen to balance the energy. Pro tip: the wood element (greens/plants) balances the energy in your kitchen by creating harmony with all the water (sinks) and fire (stove) energy.

  9. holiday lights
    Photo by Element5 Digital on Unplash

    When in doubt, hang some more lights! You can never go wrong with sparkly lights!

We hope this gives you some inspiration as you prepare your home for holiday festivities!