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Feng Shui your Home with Plants: Room by Room

It’s no secret that feng shui practitioners love plants. They’re one of the best ways to introduce the wood element to your space, which can invite new growth and flexibility. Plants also boost vital energy and can help activate an area of your life or boost the energy in your space. Additionally, taking care of a living plant is a great way to cultivate loving kindness.

With so many options for houseplants, things can get a bit overwhelming. To get you started, here’s a list of some of our favorites for each room in your home.

wood element Photo by monicore on Pexels

Kitchen: Add the wood element to your kitchen. A great excuse to have a fresh pot of herbs growing in your kitchen. Balance out all the water and fire energy in the kitchen with a potted rosemary.

Tip about rosemary: Make sure your rosemary plant has good drainage and at least six hours of sunlight per day.

wood element Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

Bathroom: Balance out the water in your bathroom by adding a plant. Place it on the back of the toilet tank so it can lift the energy up and counteract the draining toilet. If you have a good light coming in from a window try adding a snake plant with its strong, hardy leaves that cut negative energy.

Tip about snake plant: Snake plants like indirect sunlight and sandy soil; let them dry out between waterings.

wood element Photo by Dmitri Houtteman on Unsplash

Bedroom: Try adding a plant to your bedroom that will help you have a more restful sleep. You can choose a plant that filters the air as you sleep. Two great plants that do this are gerbera daisy and orchid. An added benefit for both is they bring a little beauty into your life too. Place a pink orchid or gerbera in the partnership corner of your bedroom. Learn how to lay the bagua on your bedroom here.

Tip about orchids: Make sure your orchid has a pot and soil with good drainage, and is in a location that stays between 60 and 75°F (16–24 °C).

wood element Photo by Sigrid Abalos on Pexels

Office: Continuing with the air filtering theme, another great indoor plant for cleaning the air is an areca palm. They also fill an empty stagnant corner in any room. You can place one in the wealth corner of your office (or home overall) to bring growing vital energy into that part of your life.

Tip about areca palm: Keep the soil a bit moist in spring and summer, and let it dry slightly between waterings in fall and winter.

Do you have plants in your home? Which types are your favorites?

wood element Photo by Amy Chen on Unsplash

Entryway: Placing a plant in your entryway, foyer or vestibule is a great way to greet all the new energy that is entering the front door. It is also a beautiful and calming way to return home every day. Choose a plant you love. Maybe it is a big leaved shiny monstera or a small collection of cute succulents.

Tip about succulents: Place your succulents near a window where they’ll get lots of sunlight, make sure they have good drainage, and let the soil dry between waterings.