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Finding Ease During the Holidays

Finding Ease During the Holidays
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

The winter holiday season can be a magical, exciting time--and it can also be a stressful one! Traveling, hosting, packed schedules, and lots of family time can put a strain on relationships, finances, and patience. To help you navigate these challenges, here are three steps to help you find more ease this holiday season.

  1. Reset the hectic and stressful energy in the home

    A really great way to shift the energy in your home is to space clear. Space clearing helps remove negative energy, and is especially helpful before and after inviting people into your home. There are many ways you can do this, from burning palo santo to using fresh oranges. One really simple way is to use a space clearing mist--try a mist with orange essential oil to uplift your spirits and clear negative energy. Mists are also great for traveling, because they don’t require burning anything. It’s a good idea to clear the room or bed where you’re staying for a visit because it may still be holding qi, or energy, from a previous guest or from months of not being used.

    If you are traveling, also try unpacking your belongings right when you arrive. This will help you to feel more settled and at ease during your stay.

  2. Slow down and shift your qi to match the energy of winter

    We may have packed schedules this time of year, but winter is really an invitation to slow down and go within--both physically, by staying indoors (the weather outside is frightful!), and emotionally. In feng shui, winter is the most yin season. Yin energy is dark, passive, and internal. It makes sense that winter is a yin season, because the winter solstice is the darkest day of the year, with the fewest hours of sunlight.

    To connect to the yin energy of winter, try starting a meditation practice, or deepening your practice if you already have one. If you’re new to meditation, try sitting and focusing on your breath for five minutes a day.

  3. Harmonize for less family tension

    Activate the Three Areas Of Family: Wood

    In addition to clearing your space with oranges, which will clear negative energy caused by family tension, try activating the three harmonies of family-wood. To do this, use the diagram above to locate the New Beginnings, Relationships, and Helpful People areas of the home where family members will be staying. (These areas also represent Family, Mother, and Father.) Then, place one green plant or 3" round mirror in each of the three areas. As you’re doing this, set the intention to create ease between family members.

We hope these tips help create more ease in your life so you can enjoy the celebrations this holiday season!