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Five Feng Shui Wealth Boosting Tips

Five Feng Shui Wealth Boosting Tips
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

We thought you could use a little feng shui pick-me-up, so we (Laura & Anjie) pulled together some simple yet effective feng shui tools and put them all together in one easy-to-follow, step-by-step, wealth-boosting list.

We recommend you start with the first item on this list, and take your time to work your way through all five recommendations. Pro tip: try to accomplish these over the next 27 days. Make it an intentional feng shui project to improve your wealth qi.

  1. Start by reviewing these key feng shui areas of your home. Did you know the front door is a very important area of your home? In feng shui, we often refer to it as the mouth of qi. In this short video, we walk you through how you can improve three key areas of your home: the front door, the master bedroom and your stove. Watch the video now.

  2. Do a space clearing to welcome in new positive energy. You will need nine fresh oranges and a clean bowl that you love. If you can, we recommend doing this between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., which is the most yang time of day. Read the entire post here.

  3. Find the wealth area of your home. Let’s start with a simple explanation about what the “wealth area” means in feng shui. In feng shui, we use a tool called the bagua, which is a three by three grid that you place over your home (you can also place it over a single room, an entire lot, your desk...) There are nine areas of the bagua. Each of those areas (called guas) is associated with a different part of your life, including wealth. The wealth gua is the far left corner of your home or room. If you need more guidance in laying the bagua and finding your wealth area, we have a free kit to help you to map out your own home. Get your free kit.

  4. Do the three plant challenge. A couple of months ago, we challenged our podcast listeners to choose an area of the bagua to work on, based on what they want to work on in their life, and place three new plants in that area of their home. (Make sure you have done #3 above so you know how the bagua lays over your home!) You should purchase new plants, because you will be doing this with the intention to bring in new energy to a specific part of your life. You choose what area needs the vital and soothing energy of plants. Pro tip: try an area other than wealth--think broader. What other area of your life do you need to focus on to help you build wealth? Career? Helpful people?

  5. Activate your wealth area. Now that you know where your wealth area is, you can activate it. There are many ways to activate the wealth area; here are a few. Choose to add one or two of the activations below:

    • Growth and vital qi: add a plant(s)
    • Brighten: hang a feng shui crystal ball or add a light
    • Enhance with color: add the colour purple
    • Symbolize: add the colour gold or a symbol of wealth that resonates with you
    • Set your intention for abundance

Good luck on your wealth-boosting project--let us know how it goes!