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3 Tips to Creating a Harmonious Holiday Season

We often start the holiday season with the intention of it being wonderful and magical. We are looking forward to spending time with friends and family, sharing, laughing, eating: a lovely harmonious celebration. But busy schedules, stress, and strained relationships can make that a little more challenging. Check out this week’s video, Anjie will walk you through some simple tools to help you create a little more ease and harmony this holiday.

Your feng shui holiday survival toolbox:

  1. Activate the family area of the bagua

    Find the FAMILY area of your bedroom or home (use the image below). This area of the bagua is associated with new beginnings, growth and family. The simplest way to activate it is by adding a plant (side note: real is always best, but it can be a very realistic artificial plant). If you think about the symbolism of a plant it all starts to make sense… A plant grows in its own time as you nurture it, you cannot force it, you just have to water it and care for it. The relationships we have with our family are similar. We cannot force people to do things or be a certain way, but we can love and support them.


    Watch the video for another tip on how to create ease in the home. Learn about how Anjie uses the 12 zodiacal animals to harmonize a space.

  2. Clear your space with Palo Santo

    Palo Santo is a great way to clear the energy in your home. It’s portable, smells good, and easy to use.

    How to use Palo Santo: The stick is ignited then gently blown down to an ember to allow for spreading smoke around the space. Guide the smoke clockwise around the room including corners and inside closets. Allow the wood to produce enough smoke to fill the air.

    palo santo

  3. Express gratitude and share

    Focus on giving to others and sharing what you have. Letting go of what you hold tightly (money, time, objects) creates an openness, and you begin to shift your mindset. In this video Anjie talks about how money is energy. How we choose to spend it, think about it, and part with it, is all connected to how much we receive ourselves. Watch the video to learn more.