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Space Clearing for the Holidays

Space Clearing for the Holidays
Photo by Alexandra Kusper on Unsplash

Many of us are accustomed to preparing our homes for the holidays. We clean and declutter to get ready for guests, we decorate, and we might even adjust our seating or sleeping arrangements to make room for festive gatherings. As feng shui practitioners, we also see this as an opportunity to prepare and refresh our homes energetically. During the holiday season, we are often surrounded by a lot of new qi. We might be having more friends over than usual, going to visit family, and even bringing new items into our homes, such as decorations and gifts. Sometimes, this can lead to an imbalance in yin or yang energy.

Space clearing can help to even out the energy and harmonize your home during this time. It’s a way to prepare your home for celebrations to come, as well as clear out any unsupportive qi after you’ve welcomed new people and items into your space.

Here are three of our favorite space clearing methods that work especially well during the holiday season:


Oranges are very auspicious in feng shui. The color and shape of oranges are associated with gold coins in Chinese culture, and they resonate with the energy of abundance. They have a lot of yang energy, like the sun, which is clearing and purifying.

One way to work with oranges in your home during the holidays is to have a bowl of fresh oranges out on the counter for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy. As you peel each orange, you are clearing the space with the invigorating and uplifting energy of oranges. In feng shui, nine is the most auspicious number, so you may want to try to keep nine oranges in your bowl at a time. Don’t worry about getting this perfect, though - instead, consider it an opportunity to practice mindfulness and paying attention.

You can also simmer orange peels and slices along with cinnamon sticks and cloves, letting the scent flow through and clear your home. Another benefit to this method is that the stove is a symbol of wealth and abundance in feng shui, and using your stove regularly is one way to invite more of this energy into your life.

If you’re traveling, it’s also a good idea to clear the space where you are staying. You can bring a travel-sized mist with you that contains orange essential oil, or offer a gift of fresh oranges to your host.

The Wood Element

Wood element energy is very invigorating, and it has the ability to combat excessive yin qi. Wood is also about having compassion and flexibility, and it’s connected to family. Bringing in wood element scents like cedar, pine, and rosemary can be a fun and festive way to clear the energy in your home during the holidays. There is also a beautiful symbolism to evergreens: because they are always green, they represent long life and steadfastness.

If you can, it’s great to bring the real thing into your home. You can make or purchase wreaths or boughs to decorate your space, incorporate evergreens into your flower arrangements, or simply place a fresh sprig on your desk. If you prefer candles, you can also look for naturally-scented candles made with evergreen essential oils.


This is something you are probably (hopefully) doing anyway, but we don’t always appreciate how powerful sweeping can be. In addition to sweeping away dirt and debris, you’re also moving energy around and removing stagnant qi. To make sweeping more of a ritual, set an intention and do it mindfully. As you sweep, you can visualize letting go of the things that are no longer serving you. As you remove old, stagnant qi, you are creating a vacuum that new energy and opportunities can fill.

We hope these tips help you create a supportive, welcoming space for all of your holiday festivities this season!