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How to become a feng shui consultant

How to become a feng shui consultant
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What is feng shui?

When you hear “feng shui,” you might think about moving your furniture around or perhaps adding plants or crystals to your office. There are many schools and teachers of feng shui, but fundamentally, feng shui is about living in harmony with our environment.

There’s a common misconception that feng shui is the same as interior design. While the two can complement each other, feng shui is really an energetic practice. Feng shui does sometimes involve making physical changes to our homes, but we do this in an intentional way based on energetic principles rather than aesthetics. Our focus is on making sure that qi (life force energy) is flowing through our spaces in healthy ways.

Feng shui is a transformational practice, and it doesn’t just have to do with the physical space around you. Feng shui teaches us that our inner environments are a reflection of our outer environments, and vice versa. We want our personal energy to be in sync with the energy of our environment, and a lot of what we teach our feng shui certification students has to do with adjusting and nurturing their own personal qi. If you want to learn more about the basics of feng shui, click here to listen to our podcast.

Why study feng shui online with Mindful Design School?

If you’re drawn to feng shui, you probably have a deep intuitive knowledge. The beauty of studying feng shui is that it gives you tools to help channel your intuition. Feng shui is also a beautiful complement to other transformational practices that you may already have experience in, like yoga or reiki.

There’s a creative element to feng shui that can be really satisfying if you identify as a creative or artistic person. In our certification program, we give you many tools that you can use to help your clients make shifts in their lives, and once you start to apply your own creativity and intuition to these tools, that’s when you can really work with clients on a deeper level.

It’s also important to us that by the end of your feng shui certification, you have the confidence and experience to start offering consultations professionally. We (your teachers and the school’s co-founders Anjie Cho and Laura Morris) both have successful businesses, and bring this practical layer of working with clients into our teachings.

We also work with students who are studying feng shui for reasons other than starting a business. Deepening your understanding of feng shui can have profound shifts on your personal qi, whether you decide to share it with clients or not.

How to train to become a feng shui consultant

Feng shui is a lineage-based practice, and we’re honored to share the teachings of our teachers with our own feng shui students. Learn more about our feng shui lineage.

Our online feng shui certification program begins with an immersive weekend session. After these first live classes, you’ll have a foundation of feng shui knowledge that you can start to use to play around with your own home. Then in our weekly classes in Level 1, each student receives a feng shui consultation from us. This allows you to start practicing and experiencing feng shui on a deeper level, and you’ll also learn through watching your classmates’ consultations.

Then, we dive into Level 2 of the training, where you’ll learn all about transcendental cures and how to work with different design details in a space. You also start to work with a few practice clients and develop your skills as a feng shui practitioner. At the end of the course, you’ll have a feng shui certification and everything you need to start working with clients. We also offer opportunities for continued education, community, and support for our graduates.

If you’re curious about our online feng shui course, sign up for our email list where you’ll receive information about our upcoming cohorts and live information sessions where you can learn more and ask questions.