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A Flower for Each Area of the Bagua

  1. Xun

  2. Li

  3. Kun

  4. Zhen

  5. Tai chi

  6. Dui

  7. Gen

  8. Kan

  9. Qian

One of the beautiful things about feng shui is how it can overlap with other practices. Katie Hess, flower alchemist and founder of LOTUSWEI, joined us recently on the Holistic Spaces Podcast to share her flower wisdom and talk about the connection between flowers and feng shui. Here are Katie’s recommendations for flower essences and elixirs for each bagua area:

  • Zhen: family new beginnings, wood

    Bamboo is fast-growing and its essence infuses us with determination, perseverance and power, helping us make the impossible possible. Found in Full Bloom, it awakens fearlessness and a sense of infinite potential.

  • Xun: wealth, abundance, wood

    Peony flower is for abundance, prosperity and feeling wildly uninhibited. Found in Wild Abundance, it amplifies our appreciation of the richness of the present moment.

    Sweet Pea flower dissolves lack and scarcity patterns and opens our mind to unlimited possibilities.

  • Tai chi: center, wellbeing, health, earth

    Navel Orange Blossom inspires warmth, heating up any areas of your life that are colder. Found in Radiant Energy, it boosts your overall wellbeing, vitality and immune system, while magnifying your chi and powerful presence.

  • Qian: helpful people, traveling, metal

    Angelica flower helps you tap into unseen support and positive forces. Redwood elixir gives you a sense of community wisdom and strength.

  • Dui: completion, children, metal

    Daisy inspires us to get back in touch with our inner child and a sense of play, humor and laughter. Found in Joy Juice it inspires freedom of the heart and the ability to simplify.

    Chandelier Succulent, found in Inspired Action, helps us complete projects.

  • Gen: self, knowledge, earth

    Lupine flower within Inner Peace enhances your self-awareness and help you feel like a mountain of strength and stability. Feel solid within yourself and experience self-support.

  • Li: fame, reputation, fire

    Royal Poinciana flower essence is a brilliant tree flower that helps you ask for what you want — and know you deserve it. Found in Truthteller, it magnifies our ability to put ourselves in situations where we’ll be seen and be comfortable with that.

    Red Bird of Paradise grows in the desert during the summer when temperatures reach 115 degrees. Found in Inspired Action, it inspires you into action and magnifies your passion, drive and motivation.

  • Kan: career, path in life, water

    The Red Cup Water Lily supports us to see the true divine nature of our essence and path.

    Boundless Wisdom expands us into more spaciousness and feel more able to find ease in the dark quietness of our innermost essence.

  • Kun: love, partnership, earth

    Hong Kong Orchid helps us accept and fall in love with every aspect of ourselves. Pink Magnolia helps us make ourselves a priority when all of our energy and resources are going toward others while depleting reserves. Both flowers are found in Infinite Love.

    Rhododendron helps us know that we belong, that we are worthy, accepted, lovable and included. Found in Fierce Compassion, it helps us with re-mothering ourselves, improving our relationships not only with ourselves but all other intimate relationships in our lives.

    Papaya helps us understand compatibility in relationships. If there is compatibility, it will be enhanced and deepened, and if two people are not compatible, it will become easier and gentler to let go.