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Kick-Start Something New in Your Life Using Feng Shui

During these winter months, we naturally slow down, we can use this time to reflect and set our intentions for the new year. In a few weeks time, the energy will begin to stir under the soil, as nature prepares for spring time. You can use this transitional energy to start preparing for something new and spectacular in your life.

In this week’s video, Anjie discusses a specific question that is very relevant for this time of year.

The Question

Having a blank white bedroom wall on his new beginnings area, Thomas, from our Facebook group asked for suggestions of any images or artworks he could hang.

If you are looking to start something new in your life, or you want to kick start growth and creativity , the New Beginnings area (Also referred to as the Family area) is the space that you can enhance. Your bedroom is your space: it is representation of you and your energy. That is why it is a great place to start using Feng Shui. You can view a blank wall in your bedroom as a metaphor for starting anew – you can fill it with representations of your most important projects and intentions so they can grow and flourish.

Create a simple, harmonious intention to guide you:

  1. Take 5 minutes to tune into yourself, and focus on one thing or word that arises to your mind.
  2. See how it corresponds to the Bagua Map to the areas called guas that represent different areas of your life. The areas are: New beginnings, Abundance/wealth, Health/Well-being, Benefactors/helpful people, Completion, Knowledge, Fame, Career, and Relationships/partnership.
  3. Do something intentional and mundane that will support you and can help you manifest your goals for 2019. A small action that will begin to move you in the right direction.

bagua grid

Here are some tools and tips on how you can work with the energy of the bagua:

What is the Bagua? The bagua is the energy grid used by Feng Shui practitioners to interpret a living space—a tool to map a home or plot of land that gives us a systematic way of looking at a home’s energy field that is inspired by the natural flow of nature.

The areas or guas:

  • New Beginnings – If you want to inspire creating new projects, get things done, have harmony in family, and energy of healing – consider placing green plants in this corner, or on the wall. Images and artworks of green plants, or frames with green and teal colors would be great.
  • Abundance – If you want to work on your wealth – place something purple, or items that represents prosperity to you. It could also be quirks elements of wood or a water element.
  • Health – To inspire health and well-being you could add a piece of art that is square shaped, or colors related to earth (yellows or earth tones). You can also add objects made from stone or rock.
  • Benefactors – The color gray is related to helpful people and travel. If you want to attract more helpful people, consider placing a wind chime made of metal. You can also place symbols that you would like to come into your life Want to travel more: store your trip planning materials, vacation souvenirs, or travel photos in this area.
  • Completion – Metal objects correspond to the area of completion. You may also consider putting your child’s artwork on a metal frame. If you want anything to put out to the world like a start-up business, you can put an item or an image that will symbolize your vision.
  • Knowledge – To inspire some growth, self-cultivation, and working on yourself, you can put image of a mountain with the intention that you want to inspire growth and knowledge.
  • Fame – To encourage recognition in all areas of your career or personal life, fire is the element for this. Look at what you want to create, write it down and get an art/image/symbol that represents of what it is that you want to be recognized for to ignite energy to that endeavor.
  • Career – This represents your journey and how you move through life. You can put a vision board that is related to your career or things you want to achieve in your life.
  • Relationships – To inspire, attract, and represent what you want in relationships, a vision board can be a great thing for this too. Add images and words related to a partner that you want to meet, you can also add color pink or pictures of couple.

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