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Mindful Design Q&A: Mirrors & The Bathroom

Today we are answering a question from a member of our Facebook group:

“I read that mirrors shouldn’t be hung on the south walls. Both of the bathrooms in our home have mirrors on the south walls. How can this be counterbalanced? I keep the doors closed.”

We may sound like a broken record when it comes to this, but there are dozens of feng shui schools, and all of them are valid. In BTB feng shui, which is what we practice, we don’t focus on the cardinal directions (N-S-E-W). From our perspective, it’s not a problem to have mirrors on the south wall, so nothing needs to be counterbalanced. We would look at the overall location of the bathroom, as well as other design details that may impact energy flow.

If we were to work with you one-on-one and dove a little deeper, it is possible there may be another reason not to hang the mirrors on those walls, but there’s nothing in your question to indicate that. In fact, it’s probably good that you have mirrors in your bathroom, it makes the bathroom a little functional :) Regardless of the location of your mirrors, it is a good idea to keep the doors closed, both from a mundane and an energetic perspective.

If you are interested in learning more about feng shui and directions, you may want to look at another school of feng shui, like Compass or Flying Star feng shui. In any case, it’s important to consider where you are getting your information, and whether you are approaching the issue from a place of fear or a place of openness.

Instead of reading something on the internet about what you should or should not do, we recommend working with a teacher or consultant that you resonate with and trust. The BTB approach is about working with what you have and looking at things from a positive perspective. Even if something is negative or challenging, it gives you the opportunity to grow and learn.