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What is Nine Star Ki and Why is it Helpful?

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Nine Star Ki is an ancient form of astrology that is intertwined with the five elements, the bagua, and the I Ching. While the zodiac system we wrote about in a recent blog post is based on animals, Nine Star Ki is based on a number system of nine digits. In our Mindful Design Certification program, we teach our students this system in order to give them another tool they can use to help their clients. Understanding someone’s Nine Star Ki can help feng shui practitioners understand more about that person’s energy.

How to Calculate Your Own Nine Star Number

Like other systems of astrology and numerology, the Nine Stars can be used to analyze somebody’s energetic personality. In this system, each person has three numbers, or stars. The first, or principal star, is a lot like the Sun sign in western astrology. It represents your basic nature and who you fundamentally are. The second, or character star, is similar to the Moon sign. It can tell you a lot about what you were like as a child, your inner self, and how you behave when you’re under pressure. The third, or energy star, represents the energy you show the world and how others see you (much like the rising sign).

Your Nine Star Ki is based on your birth date. To get started, you can calculate your principal number based on the year you were born.


If you were born in 1980

Add: 1+9+8+0 = 18
Reduce to a single digit: 1+8 = 9
Subtract from 11: 11-9 = 2

If you were born in 2015

Add: 2+0+1+5 = 8
Subtract from 11: 11-8 = 3

If you were born in 1958

Add: 1+9+5+8 = 23
Reduce to a single digit: 2+3 = 5
Subtract from 11: 11-5 = 6

*If you were born before February 4th you would calculate using the prior year, for example, you were born Jan 31, 1971. You would calculate your principal number using 1970.

Learn a little more about each of the nine stars

Each of the nine stars has many qualities and nuances. Here is a quick reference guide to give you a sense of the energy of each one.

  1. Water: wise, cautious, insightful
  2. Yin Earth: supportive, nurturing, fair
  3. Yang Wood: energetic, active, lots of ideas
  4. Yin Wood: diplomatic, sensitive, influential
  5. Earth: sense of community, problem-solver, resilient
  6. Yang Metal: articulate, authoritative, family-oriented
  7. Yin Metal: graceful, joyful, thoughtful
  8. Yang Earth: strong, stoic, just
  9. Fire: warm, generous, inspiring

Your Nine Stars can also give you information about what each year holds for you energetically. Listen to our podcast episode to find out what’s in store for your number in 2020!