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Our favorite crystals and why

Our favorite crystals and why
Photo credit: Upsplash by studiokealaula

It’s no secret that we love crystals. These gifts from the earth are powerful energetic tools when it comes to supporting certain intentions in your life. They can also make beautiful additions to your space!

In this post, we’re sharing some of our favorite crystals as well as our suggestions for working with each of them based on feng shui principles. If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate natural crystals into your feng shui practice, we hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration.

Our favorite crystals for protection

Smoky quartz is a great stone for absorbing negative energy, cleansing, and grounding. It can also help you tap into strength during difficult times.

Tiger’s eye has a balance of earth and sun qi. It contains earthy colors, yellow and brown, as well as a sunny, golden luminosity. It embodies both yin and yang, and it’s very grounding and protective.

How to use smoky quartz and tiger’s eye for protection: You can wear either smoky quartz or tiger’s eye in the form of jewelry whenever you want to bring their protective energy along with you. You can also place one of these stones in the Tai qi, located in the center of your home. From a feng shui perspective, whatever you put in the center of your home or room impacts the whole space.

Our favorite crystals for confidence and success

Citrine is really good for getting out of your own way and letting go of self-doubt. It’s often used for abundance because it gives you the ability to strengthen your own resolve and move forward with confidence.

Carnelian is a warm red stone that is related to courage and vitality. In feng shui, red embodies life qi. When we are feeling courageous and alive, we can experience the most abundance. Carnelian is a great stone to work with when you want to gain the confidence or vitality you need to succeed.

How to use citrine and carnelian for confidence and success: Wear citrine or carnelian jewelry to boost your confidence. Citrine is also a great addition to the Abundance area of the bagua, called Xun. We love placing carnelian in Li position, related to fame and inspiration. Need help locating these areas of the bagua in your home? Download our free bagua guide.

Our favorite crystals for intuition

Selenite is a soft, translucent white stone. The word selenite derives from a Greek word meaning “moon.” This crystal has a lot to do with connecting to your subconscious, intuitive, yin side. Note that selenite is water-soluble, so be sure to keep it away from water unless you want it to disappear!

Lapis lazuli is a rich, dark blue stone. In feng shui, this color is connected to the Gen area of the bagua, which represents knowledge, skillfulness, and spiritual growth. The blue color of lapis lazuli is also connected to the throat chakra and the voice, which is an important aspect of spiritual development for many people.

How to work with selenite and lapis lazuli to enhance your intuition: Place lapis lazuli in Gen position on the bagua map to work with self-awareness and spiritual growth. A large piece of selenite can be a beautiful, peaceful addition to your home, or you can get a small, rounded palm stone to hold in your hand.

Our favorite crystals for clearing negative or challenging qi

Clear quartz is a beautiful, clear crystal that looks almost like ice. It has the ability to absorb, restore, and release energy, and can be used to clear other crystals. It can also amplify other crystals, so if you have another small stone you can use it along with clear quartz to enhance its energy. This makes it a great choice for crystal grids.

Black tourmaline is purifying and transformative. Like other black stones, it can absorb and transmute challenging energies.

How to work with clear quartz and black tourmaline to clear challenging energy: If you work from home, try creating a black tourmaline grid at your desk by placing a stone in each corner. As you do this, set the intention that any qi coming in through your computer is not permitted to go beyond that grid unless you’ve invited it to do so. To work with clear quartz, place it next to another stone with the intention of clearing or amplifying that stone’s energy.

Our favorite crystals for love and heart healing

Rhodonite is a pink to red crystal that promotes self love, kindness, and heart healing. If you’ve gone through a tough breakup, rhodonite is a great stone to work with.

Rose quartz has a pale rosy color that is related to the Kun area of the bagua. Kun has to do with partnerships, romantic relationships, and unconditional love. It’s also related to the mother element. Rose quartz can invite in new love, support existing love, or help to heal a broken heart.

How to work with rhodonite and rose quartz for love: Both of these stones have soft, healing qi. Try placing rhodonite or rose quartz on your bedside table so that it’s next to your heart while you’re sleeping. You can also place one of these crystals in Kun position in your home or bedroom.

Do you have any favorite crystals to work with? If you want to dive deeper, you can learn more about feng shui and crystals on our podcast.