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Q&A: Angels & Feng Shui Placement

Today we’re answering another question from our Facebook group, Your Feng Shui Journey. One of the members of our group has two hanging angels made of wood and metal, and would like some ideas of what to do with them.

We’re going to keep this very feng shui 101, by starting with the bagua. If you don’t know what the bagua is, and want to learn more, you can download our free Bagua ekit.

The bagua has its roots in the I Ching and Taoist divination. It made up of nine areas or guas, each with its own nuanced symbolism. The bagua and the guas are connected to ancient Taoist cosmology, which looks to nature and the cyclical ebbs and flows of energy. The guas have many layers, but we’ll start relatively basic. Let’s connect the symbolism of angels with the bagua to decide which area of your home might be the best placement for the angels.

Learn how to Bagua your home

Angels are heavenly guardians that watch over and protect us. These are qualities that are also connected with one particular gua, Qian. Qian is connected to heaven in the I Ching. This area of the bagua is also connected with HELPFUL PEOPLE and travel.

Angels Bagua

If it works with your home, angels fit really nicely into this area of the bagua. You also don’t want to overthink it too much. It’s important not to add clutter and put items somewhere just because you’ve heard that it goes well in that particular gua.

Keep it simple: If you really love these angels, place them somewhere you can see them. For example, the entryway to your home could be a good place for these angels, because they will inspire you and lift your spirits every day when you walk into your home.