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Arranging a Child’s Bedroom with Feng Shui

Today we are answering a question from our Facebook group:

I would love your input on how to best arrange my son’s bedroom. I have no idea where to place a full-size bed or a dresser. Right now, the bed is directly in front of the door. The room also has a double closet with doors that are mirrors. When you walk into the bedroom they’re just to the right, and there’s also a large window on the wall perpendicular to the mirrored closet (also on the right).

bedroom layout

First, thank you for sending in a floor plan! Having a clear visual makes it much easier for us to answer your question. We’ll assume that the head of the bed is on the long wall that’s on the left when you walk in, the wall that’s marked 13.5.

There are a few straightforward ways to look at this from a feng shui perspective. The number one thing we want to achieve when placing a bed is finding a position that allows you to feel the most secure. This is called the command or commanding position, and it generally means that when you’re lying in bed and you look straight ahead, you can see the door to the bedroom.

With the bed in its current position, your son can see the door if he turns, but it would be ideal to find a position where he would have the largest view of the room. It looks like the optimal place for the head of the bed would be the far wall opposite the door, and the exact placement that we’d recommend would depend on your son’s age. For younger children, under the age of 12 or so, nestling a bed against a wall can be helpful in making them feel more secure. For adults and older children, you’ll want a little more space around the bed. This allows access from both sides and allows the chi to flow around more freely.

Next, let’s talk about why you’d want to move the bed off the long wall where you have it currently. Right now, the energy is coming in through the door and running over the head and midsection of the body. We want to avoid this. That’s why it’s best to set the bed a little further back in the bedroom, with the head of the bed against the far wall. If this placement puts him in line with the door, then you need to make an adjustment, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case.

The chest of drawers could go along the long wall where the bed was, or under the window if it fits there. One thing you want to avoid is having corners of furniture pointing towards heads, because this stifles the flow of qi (energy). If the dresser is big, and it’s tough to fit it in the bedroom along with a full size bed, then you might have to make some different furniture choices. You really don’t want to have things too tight; a good rule of thumb is if you’re having trouble walking around the bedroom, then the qi is also having a hard time flowing in the room.

Note: mirrors in the bedroom, there are different schools of thought on the topic. Stay tuned for next week when we’ll share more about the BTB feng shui perspective on this.