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Q&A: Bedroom Outside the Bagua

Today we’re answering a question from our Facebook group:

My son’s bedroom falls outside the bagua except for a couple of inches. I’m trying to use a mirror to pull it back in, but the only place it can go is inside a closet behind all these clothes and boxes so it won’t be visible. Is that ok? Or does it have to be visible to work with it?

This question touches on a more advanced feng shui concept, so if you’re not familiar with the bagua, you may want to check out our free bagua kit to find out what it is and how you can lay it on your home.

After you’ve laid the bagua down correctly, sometimes you’ll find that part of your home or apartment might be outside or below the bagua (behind the line of the front door). Sometimes this needs to be adjusted, but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s important to consider the nuances of a particular situation when you’re working with more advanced adjustments like this one.

The nuance to consider for a situation like this in which parts of the home are outside the bagua, and what this means. If it’s an office, that’s actually a good thing, because you want to your work to out in the world, instead of hidden in the home. If it’s your master bedroom, that’s less ideal; you probably want you and your partner stay and not go out into the world, so to speak :)

When it comes to a child’s room, you want to consider the age of the child. If the child is a teenager or young adult, and you want to encourage him or her to be ready to go out into the world, then you wouldn’t need an adjustment. If he’s young, then yes, you want him to be protected and part of the home. To adjust this, you would hang a mirror in a place inside the bagua and in line with the bedroom, so that it’s reflecting the bedroom back in.

In terms of whether the mirror can be hidden, it absolutely can. One important thing about feng shui adjustments is that they don’t always need to be seen. Feng shui eyes are always working and they can see through walls, boxes, or piles of clothing.

What we want to leave you with today is that sometimes you need to think a little more about nuances when you’re really delving deeper into the practice of feng shui. We also highly recommend working with a practitioner for these more complicated situations. If you’re interested in working with a practitioner, we have wonderful graduates from the Mindful Design Feng Shui School that are available for consultations.