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Mindful Design Q&A: How can I use Feng Shui when I have roommates?

In this week’s vlog we are answering a question from our YouTube channel about feng shuing when you have roommates:

“What if you live in an apartment with a roommate and don’t have a lot of say in the main area of the apartment beyond your bedroom?”

This is a common question. A lot of people have roommates and don’t have a lot of control beyond their bedroom. That’s totally okay, because your bedroom is the space that relates most to you, and is an especially good area to focus on for love. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom. Even though you are often sleeping there, you’re actually more tuned in to the energy of the bedroom because you are in a passive yin state.

The bedroom is also the closest area to you. If you visualize yourself in your bed, and then you visualize concentric circles going out every 10 feet or so, the circle that’s closest to you is your bedroom. All of the suggestions that we give in terms of working with the bagua can also be applied by laying the bagua over your bedroom. The bagua, for anyone who is not familiar, is an energy map used in feng shui. We have a lot of information about it as well as a free download if you want to learn more about the bagua.

Even if you owned the whole home, we would probably suggest you focus on the bedroom, especially if you want to impact your love life. It’s usually a lot easier to start with your bedroom, especially if you are are new to feng shui and not working with a feng shui consultant who is skilled at using the bagua on more challenging homes.

We also have a mini course called Feng Shui Love Story that has a lot of really wonderful tips. We actually wrote the whole mini course all about how to change your bedroom to invite love into your life, so this might be perfect for you.