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Reset and Manifest for 2019

Reset and Manifest for 2019

The New Year is about to come! Are you ready to welcome this new year with your best intentions? This is the perfect time.

If you are looking for clarity and guidance for manifesting your goals or resetting your intentions for the upcoming new year, read on and watch this video.

In this video, Anjie will walk you to a quick but powerful Feng Shui manifestation meditation. This will help you see and visualize what do you want to manifest or reset this 2019.

Notes before the meditation:

  1. Have your journal with you so you can take notes after your meditation.
  2. Make sure you are seated comfortably with your feet flat on the ground.
  3. Pay attention to everything that you will see, hear, feel, and smell as you go on the meditation.

Throughout the meditation, you will be guided with a series of questions related to your ideal day.

Anjie encourages you to actively participate and pay attention because everything that you will visualize is a clue to the steps you can take to manifest and reset for the new year.

You will be surprised and enlightened to realize and see how every room in your house, the elements, each activity or even your senses will reveal and clarify it to you.

During your meditation, be aware of the elements in your home that came up for you.

  • How do you want to feel in your bedroom?
  • How do you want to feel when you wake up?
  • What were you surrounded by?
  • What are the elements that you smell, touch, see, or hear?
  • Did you heard any words?
  • How does these words manifest in the feng shui of your home?
  • What room you went to?

If it is a kitchen, maybe it is more of taking care of yourself more for the new year.

If it is your office, maybe you really want to focus on your career.

If it is a child room, maybe it is more about spending time with your kids more.

Whatever it is, see whenever where your mind took you on that most ideal day on the meditation and see what steps you can take.

Anjie also shared the tools she use every new year to inspire a clear and open energy for manifestation and resetting intentions. It is the Mindful Design Reset & Manifestation Package.

Surely, it will help you make your home a magnet for new opportunities.

The Mindful Design Reset & Manifestation Package provides you with powerful Feng Shui tools to help kick-start the new year.

In this package you’ll get:

  • Your own personal manifestation journal
  • A 30 minute reset & manifestation teaching led by Feng Shui expert Anjie Cho
  • A powerful space clearing method to reset the energy in your home
  • A simple and graceful practice to clear your own personal qi or energy
  • A feng shui reset and cleaning checklist for your home
  • A beautiful desktop wallpaper for daily inspiration

Make 2019 your year to shine! Get the package now.