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Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui

Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui
Photo by Marta Branco on Pexels

The change in seasons is a great time to make some shifts in your home. A lot of us in the Northern Hemisphere are feeling a desire to peel away the residue of winter and welcome a fresh start. You may already be planning to do some spring cleaning on a physical level. In this post, we wanted to share a few feng shui tips to help you clear and refresh your home energetically as well.

Here are five simple feng shui tips and ways to supercharge your spring cleaning to help you prepare your home for a new season:

Clean Your Entryway

On a mundane level, it’s a good idea to clean your entryway or foyer at this time of year to remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated during the winter months. Energetically, your front door also represents how qi (life force energy) comes to you, so it’s a good idea to keep it clean and clear. Sweep your entryway with intention, and take the time to actually wash the door itself with some water and nontoxic soap.

Feng shui supercharge: Set an intention as you clean the entrance to your home. You may want to chant an affirmation or a mantra as you clean, or visualize new energy flowing into your home.

Refresh Your Bed

As the weather starts to warm up, try swapping your cozy winter bedding for something lighter, like natural linen or cotton. This is also a great time to get a new set of sheets to help welcome a fresh start.

It’s also a good idea to clean under your bed to get the qi moving in this part of your home. If you need to utilize the storage space under your bed, use this space for items that are soft and not energetically charged. The winter bedding you just put away for the season would be a great thing to store here!

Feng shui supercharge: Cleanse the qi of your bed with oranges. You can make your own cleansing mist with distilled water and orange peels, or buy a mist with orange peels or orange essential oil. Oranges have a lot of yang energy, and are really helpful in clearing space.

Open Your Windows

At least once during your spring cleaning, open all your windows to let in fresh qi, light, and air. Leave your windows open for at least nine minutes to let your home breathe. You may want to do this every day as you do your spring cleaning.

Feng shui supercharge: Take the time to clean your windows with a nontoxic cleaner, like vinegar. Your windows represent your eyes in feng shui, so set the intention as you do this that you want to see things in your life more clearly. Imagine that you are removing any obstructions to your vision, so that you can be fully aware of the opportunities and beauty that life has to offer.

Clean Your Stove

Your stove is a wealth symbol for your household. It’s where you prepare the food that you’ve bought for yourself and your family, so it’s very connected to your resources. It’s a good idea to keep your stove clean at all times, but spring is a great time to really give it a good deep clean.

Feng shui supercharge: Place a plant on your kitchen counter near the stove or sink to bring in the wood element. This helps to balance the energies of the kitchen, which naturally has a lot of fire energy from the stove and water energy from the sink. Adding wood creates a harmonious flow of qi among these different elements.

Make Your Spring Cleaning a Ceremony

Cleaning your home as the seasons change is an opportunity to not only clear away physical debris and clutter, but also to invite in new energy. As you complete your spring cleaning, try incorporating an element of ritual to set an intention and invite in new qi. One way to create more intention around your spring cleaning is to do it on or near the Spring Equinox.

Feng shui supercharge: A simple way to create some ceremony around your spring cleaning is to ring a bell nine times in the center of your home, slowly and with intention. Allow yourself to really feel the vibrations of the bell move through your space as you do this. If your spring cleaning ritual takes several days, try ringing a bell at the end of each day to create a seal of intention.

Happy spring cleaning! We hope these feng shui tips help you to give your home an energetic boost as we move into a new season!