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How to Welcome the Spring Equinox with Feng Shui

How to Welcome the Spring Equinox with Feng Shui
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Happy spring to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere! (If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, happy fall! You may also want to check out our post about feng shui for the fall equinox.) The vernal or spring equinox marks the beginning of spring, as well as the point when day and night are equal lengths. Even though we may still be experiencing cold weather at this time, we’re starting to feel an increase in yang energy as we move towards longer days.

Across all cultures, spring tends to be a time for cleansing our homes and spaces. Collectively, we have a desire to clean and dust away all the yin qi that has accumulated over the winter so that we can make space for new energy. Spring cleaning is helpful on a mundane level, but working with feng shui intentions can take it a step further and invite in even bigger energy shifts.

One way to bring feng shui into your spring cleaning is by adding an element of ceremony. Instead of looking at your spring cleaning tasks as chores to get through as fast as possible, try to be present and enjoy the process. A very simple way to do this is to ring a bell at the beginning and end of your spring cleaning. You could also open up the windows, close with a space clearing ritual, or add orange essential oil to your favorite nontoxic cleaner for an extra boost of yang energy.

In honor of the season, we rounded up some of our favorite ways to boost your spring cleaning with feng shui. If you want to dive deeper, you can also download our free feng shui spring cleaning guide.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate feng shui intentions into your spring cleaning:

Nourish yourself with a clean kitchen

In feng shui, your kitchen represents how you nourish yourself. As you wipe down surfaces in your kitchen and let go of any old or expired food items, set the intention that you are also cleansing your body and letting go of the things that no longer nourish you. Your stove also represents your wealth and resources, so take some time to clean it mindfully, acknowledging that you are clearing the way for more prosperity and abundance.

Welcome new qi in your entryway

Your entryway represents your face to the world and how others see you. It’s also how qi enters your home. Sweep your front step with the intention that you are stirring the qi around and freshening up anything that has been neglected. By polishing up this area and allowing it to shine, you’re welcoming in new, fresh qi.

Create space to recharge in the bedroom

The bedroom is an especially important part of your home because it’s where you heal and recharge. To welcome the spring equinox, change your bed linens with ceremony. Maybe it’s time to shift your bedding to something a bit lighter and more appropriate for warmer weather, or perhaps you’d like to treat yourself to a new set of sheets.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at anything stored under your bed. Make sure there’s nothing emotional in this area, as this can make it harder to rest deeply. Emotional items could be things with more “negative” associations like divorce papers or letters from an ex, or they could be objects that bring up feelings of excitement and happiness. The goal is to create a space that feels calm and balanced, which will allow you to really heal and recharge when you’re resting or sleeping in bed.

Refresh your perspective in the bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, it’s helpful to repair any leaky faucets, since this can represent resources draining away from you. Also, pay attention your bathroom mirrors. As you’re cleaning them, acknowledge that you are creating more opportunity to see clearly what is in front of you.

Sweep your floors with intention

We always recommend sweeping your floors with intention when you’re doing a big cleaning. Be sure to tackle any corners where qi tends to get stuck, and visualize moving energy around as you do so. You can also open the windows and doors while sweeping to let out any old energy to make way for the new.

Spring cleaning may seem like a mundane and basic task, but adding a layer of feng shui intention can turn it into a meaningful ritual. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and by creating a spring cleaning ceremony, you are helping to set yourself up for new beginnings in your life. If you want to go deeper and learn more about how to supercharge your spring cleaning with feng shui, download our free feng shui spring cleaning guide.