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Wealth and Abundance in Feng Shui

Wealth and Abundance in Feng Shui
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

One of the most popular questions we get asked as feng shui practitioners is how to bring in more wealth and abundance. While there is nothing wrong with wanting more money, our perspective is that abundance is more than just financial wealth. Generally, when we’re seeking wealth, what we’re really after is the feelings that we think it will bring us, and it’s very possible to have a lot of money without feeling abundant or joyful. If your goal is to invite in more abundance, we invite you to ask yourself what that really means to you. What is wealth to you? What does feeling abundant mean to you? What is your relationship to your self-worth?

Another thing to note is that you may be focused on wealth, but it’s possible that the financial challenges you are facing stem from another issue that needs to be addressed first. Maybe you are struggling to make as much money as you’d like because you aren’t in the right career, or you’re not being recognized at work, or you don’t have helpful mentors or colleagues. This is where working one-on-one with a trained practitioner can help you get to the root cause and help you make more profound changes in your life.

Monetary wealth is also connected to your energy. The more abundant you feel, the more you will be able to attract wealth to you. Feng shui is one tool that can help to attract more abundance, because it helps us shift the energy in our homes and lives. If you are looking to invite more wealth into your life, here are a few of our favorite feng shui ways to do that.

Focus on your front door.

The front door is the main way that qi, or energy, enters the home, and it’s also how new opportunities find you. It’s called the mouth of qi in feng shui, and it’s one of the most important areas of your home to pay attention to. A lot of us don’t use our front doors regularly, which can translate to the mouth of qi being blocked energetically. If you usually enter through a side or garage door, make it a point to open your front door at least once a week. You can also sweep the front step, to keep the qi flowing freely in this part of your home.

Activate your wealth area.

There is also an area of the feng shui bagua map, called Xun, that is all about wealth, abundance, and self-worth. Xun (wealth area) is generally in the far left corner of your home or bedroom when you are standing at the entrance looking in. If you need help laying the bagua and finding the wealth area of your home, you can download our free bagua kit.

Once you’ve found the wealth area in your home or bedroom, you can activate it by adding an item that supports your intentions. One thing we often recommend in this area is a new green plant to represent the wood element, because Xun (the wealth area) is connected to wood. Choose a plant that will be able to thrive in the conditions in your home, and then remember to care for it. As you do, you can envision this area of your life growing slowly and steadily, just like a plant.

You can also activate wealth by adding something purple, since purple is the color associated with this gua (area of the bagua map). This could be a purple throw pillow, a planter, a canvas that you’ve painted, or even an amethyst crystal. Feel free to have fun and get creative with it!

We hope these tips get you started on a path to inviting more abundance into your life! If you want to learn more about feng shui and abundance, we invite you to join an upcoming Practical Feng Shui workshop!