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Simple Feng Shui Tips for the Winter Blues

Are you dreading a long, cold Winter?

Let’s start by understanding the energy of Winter

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere the energy of the seasons is shifting from Fall to Winter on December 21st. In Feng Shui, Autumn is connected to the metal element, the energy of inward movement, completion, and contraction. Leaves fall to the ground and the nutrients return to the soil. Trees become dormant and draw their energy inward and down to the roots. As we shift into Winter, the soil cools and hardens.

In feng shui, the Winter months are represented by the water element: cold and still. The energy of water is also associated with darkness and moving downward (in the I Ching the double water hexagram (Kan over Kan) has been translated over the centuries as: Darkness, Abyss, or Chasm.)

In the Winter months we often feel isolated, alone, and periods of darkness grow longer. It is important to understand that this water energy, the darkness and solitude, is part of the overall cycle of the seasons. Remember that the opposite, the fire energy of midsummer, is happening in the Southern Hemisphere at this time.

The symbolism and energy of the water element:

  • Shape: formless
  • Movement: Downward
  • Colour: black or dark blue
  • Sensation: Cold
  • Season: Winter
  • Time of day: Midnight
  1. Welcoming and accepting water energy (Winter)

    With the Winter chill, increased darkness and isolation comes feelings of sadness, depression and loneliness. Rather than making these feelings and this energy “bad” or “negative” try embracing them by giving in to this energy for a short period of time. Take 1 or 2 days to stay home and nest. Make your home cozy, stay in bed and watch movies, drink tea, sleep. Then find balance. Don’t fall into the abyss, find the sunshine again. The key is to be intentional about aligning with the energy of water and Winter; always being aware and finding balance.

  2. Balance the yin with some yang

    If you feel like the Winter blues are dragging you down then seek out some fire energy. When you feel yourself slipping too deeply into water energy balance out with the yang energy of the sun, get outside (no sunglasses) for at least 10-15 minutes. Can’t get outside? Wake up an hour earlier for a few days. If you are the kind of person who has more water energy (i.e. more susceptible to S.A.D) try not to sleep too much (or at least not more than normal).

  3. Write, reflect, and set small goals

    The great thing about Winter/water energy is it is a great time to plan, reflect, and meditate on what could be next for you. Here are five simple feng shui inspired actions (or non-actions) you could take to get you out of your Winter funk:

    • Clean all the mirrors in your home: mirrors represent water energy having a deeper insight and vision.
    • Enhance your career section (of the bagua): learn how to map out your home to find your career area.
    • Be still, sit, and connect with your breath: embrace the quiet energy of winter
    • Make tea, sit, and reflect on the past year: use the wisdom of water energy to gain insight and direction.
    • Write down simple intentions and affirmations for the new year: visualize, write down and say them out loud. You can use our Reset & Manifestation package to help guide you.