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Feng Shui Astrology: Part Two

How can you navigate the energy of 2019?

Last week, Anjie and our beloved mentor Rosalie Prinzivalli chatted about an ancient Eastern astrological system that’s used alongside Feng Shui called Nine Star Ki. In this week’s Mindful Design vlog, Anjie reviews each of the NINE stars and how this upcoming year will feel for each of them. Be sure to calculate your NINE STAR number before you read/watch. Click here to review how you can calculate your own Nine Star number.

What does this year have in store for you? Anjie walks through each of the Nine Stars

If your principle number is 1 - in 2019, you will be a year of celebration, and this year is going to be playful and celebratory. It is a great time to relax and pat yourself on the back for all your hard work - it has finally paid off! It’s a great time to have some fun! The ONE star associated with the WATER element. You will feel supported, 2019 is in the house of celebration (7 Metal), and metal supports and holds water.

If your principle number is 2 - in 2019, you will be in a year of quiet stillness. TWOs will feel like they are on top of a MOUNTAIN. You have trekked to the top and now you are sitting by yourself, in isolation, and in quiet reflection. It's a great time to focus on self-cultivation: eat well, self-care, meditation. Take this time to get grounded because next year you are moving into FIRE energy which is all about being seen and getting noticed. The TWO star is associated with the nurturing elemental energy of yin EARTH. In this MOUNTAIN year, you will feel more at home. It’s a great time to ground yourself, go deep, and focus on self-care.

If your principle number is 3 - in 2019, you will be in the year of FIRE which will shine a warm, glowing light on you. FIRE years are great opportunities to be seen and recognized by others, so it’s a great time to seek out that recognition and reward. It can also be a great year to put yourself out there; like launching your own website or publishing your new book. This year will be super energetic, so be careful not to burn out. Fire years can be a little depleting for you. To prevent burn-out add some WATER element energy: go with the flow, be flexible, and seek out refreshing energy.

If your principle number is 4 - in 2019, you will be in a year of PLANNING, the energy is equivalent to WINTER. Although the winter energy is slower, there can still be a lot happening on a deeper, subtler level. Take for example: if you look at a tree outside during the winter season, it may look like everything is covered in snow, but there is still so much life energy in that tree. It has condensed the energy deep down under the surface. The energy of this year is a perfect time to reflect and plan for the future. You will feel very supported in this water year. Take advantage of the quietness, and take the time to rest.

If your principle number is 5 - in 2019, you’ll be in a year of germination which means you will be planting a lot of seeds. When you plant seeds in a garden, you don't just plant one and hope to grow one big plant. You sow many seeds, because not every seed is going to grow or thrive. It will depend on the situation. Put your ideas out there into the universe! Communicate and share them with others. Plant seeds and see what sprouts! You are an EARTH person, and TWO is an earth year, therefore you will be very supported. Enjoy, and let the year take care of you. Remember: Plant a lot of seeds!

If your principle number is 6 - in 2019, you will be in a year of sprouting. This will also be a super energetic year - full of new beginnings. If you've planted a lot of seeds last year, it’s a great time to take notice of what's coming up and growing. You can begin to cultivate and focus on what is doing well in your life. SIX is the METAL element, and in this WOOD year it is a great time to expand and grow.

If your principle number is 7 - in 2019, you'll be in a year of rapid growth. You will see the ideas that you've been cultivating begin to develop deep roots as they grow into more prosperous projects. This year is going to be busy and active. You also need to take care of yourself to avoid burnout. Take the time to plan extra self-care activities.

If your principle number is 8 - 2019 will be a year of fluctuation. It may feel a bit chaotic, but it’s a perfect time for renewal and rebirth. Have you been thinking of a new direction in your life? This is good time to reinvent yourself, to look at what's no longer serving you, and put energy into what you really want to manifest and create. You are in a year of change, be mindful, and do your homework when looking to begin a new venture. If your principle star is EIGHT, you are an EARTH person. You like to feel grounded, so take the time to emphasize self-love and care.

If your principle number is 9 - 2019 is a year of prosperity. You’ll start to feel confident on what you are working on, and start to be recognized for your knowledge and skills. It is similar to an agriculture cycle before harvesting you take stock of all you have done, and how well it has grown and flourished. It is really rewarding, but there is still hard work to be done. You must maintain your projects, and continue to be vigilant. You are a FIRE person, and you will feel comfortable with the energy of this year, so make the most of it.

Hopefully, this will give you some insight on how you can move forward on the upcoming year.

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