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Feng Shui and Love

In this week’s vlog, Laura walks through how you can enhance love in your life with Feng Shui. Many of us are seeking to strengthen a current relationship or to find a new love. Or maybe you need to connect with your own heart and take time for yourself. Whatever your love story is, feng shui can help! Laura will go over a few simple ways that you can examine the area of your home that is dedicated to love and partnerships.

Did you know that Feng Shui can change your love life?

We can use Feng Shui in many ways in our lives! To improve our well-being, career, family... etc. There are specific areas of your home that are connected to parts of your own life, and one of them is related to love and partnership.

You can work with feng shui on many levels. Laura breaks it down into two main categories:

  1. Physical Space - to work with physical space is to change the outer/the things that you can see, like changes we can make to our home and bedroom. In feng shui we use a tool called the bagua, our magical energy map. The bagua is one of many ways that Feng Shui practitioners read a space. The bagua is used in many different perspectives and schools of Feng Shui. In the Mindful Design Feng Shui School we use the bagua from the Black Sect feng shui tradition.

    The bagua: is the energy grid used by feng shui practitioners to interpret a living space—a tool to map a home or plot of land that gives us a systematic way of looking at a home’s energy field that is inspired by the natural flow of nature. The traditional energetic shape of the bagua is the octagon with 8 guas and a center. When applying it to a home we would use the modern, and mundane application of a square or rectangle that fits easily over a living space. The individual guas (sectors or areas) are complex with many, many layers and meanings. Read more about bagua HERE.

  2. Personal Qi - to work with personal qi is to focus on the inner/unseen energetic shifts. Your own personal qi (energy) falls into this category. It is how you show up, what you put out into the world, the energetic messages you send out into the universe. It is also the energy that you are sending out to others i.e. new potential partners.

How you can apply feng shui to the physical space

There are 9 areas, or guas, and each represents a different area of your life. One of these guas is the relationship/partnership area, which is about more than just romantic love. The partnership gua’s Chinese name is Kun, it is connected to the energy of yin earth: soft, receptive, being open and nurturing. This yin earth energy is the type of energy we need to cultivate if we want to put ourselves out there, and make a deeper connection with someone special.

You can lay the bagua on your home, lot, or bedroom. That means you can have more than one love/partnership area. Let’s focus on the love area in the bedroom. Your bedroom is your most intimate space, so it is a great place to start.

A quick way review the love and partnership area in the bedroom:

  • If you’re standing in the open doorway of your bedroom (looking in), look to the far right hand corner of the room.
  • Go into that area and see what is placed there. This area represents how relationships come to you, and how open you are to others.
  • Check it out: Is it cluttered? Is it open, or uninspiring?
  • Clear out uninspiring and unnecessary things.
  • As you clear it out set an intention... “I want to be more open”, “I want to create space for a new relationship in my life.”
  • Add two (2) symbols of love and acceptance. You pick what inspires you. It will be symbolic of you and your (future) partner.

Note: Don’t panic if your love area is cluttered, dark, and uninviting. What is important about this exercise is to bring more awareness, intention and mindfulness to your love life and relationships. It gets you to start thinking about things on an energetic level.

How you can shift your personal qi

Are you doing the same things over and over again, but expecting different results? Working with your personal qi is about becoming aware of recurring patterns, and then working to shift the qi to open yourself up to new things.

You can make huge shifts, simply by reflecting about how you show up in your own personal intimate relationships, and thinking about what changes you can make going forward.

How you can enhance your personal qi:

  • Meditation - by doing meditation, you can become more aware, open, and receptive. You are bringing more yin earth into your life. It is important to start by honouring yourself with compassion and loving kindness.
  • Using Transcendental cures and adjustments - transcendental means working with the other/unseen energies. This practice comes from the feng shui teachings of Grand Master Professor Lin Yun. They are passed on to us by our teachers, and now we transmit them to our own students in the Mindful Design school. These cures are powerful, because one area they focus on is improving your own personal qi.

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