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Q&A with Mindful Design

In this week’s vlog Anjie chooses five questions posted in our Facebook group by members. Anjie covers the following topics:

  1. Choosing one feng shui perspective to follow when you are getting started
  2. How you can liven up your front entrance
  3. Plants: where and how to use them
  4. Using mirrors to open up a space
  5. Water features and prosperity

Plus tips on how to use the bagua from the Black Sect school (BTB).

Activating a energy in the entrance way

In feng shui, your entrance represents how opportunities come to you, how you see the world, and how the world sees you. So it is important to pay attention to this area of your home. Having a door that can’t be fully opened, or that squeaks and squeals, can represent obstacles and friction in your path in life. Feng shui teaches us that how we enhance our outer environment impacts our inner environment (our self-growth). If you think your outer environment (your entrance in this case) is quiet, that may be telling you something about your inner energy. Maybe you could use a little more quiet in your life right now.

If you still feel you need more activity in your life, there are different ways that you can activate your entrance. Anjie walks you through a few in this week’s vlog, plus you can watch Laura’s video about creating three different entryway energy themes.

The best place to put plants

Adding plants (the wood element) to your design represents openness for growth, flexibility, and kind-heartedness in your life. If you add plants with this intention there is no “bad” feng shui. In Black Sect feng shui (BTB) we avoid using terms like “never put” or “this is bad feng shui”. Feng shui is a nuanced and complex practice; absolutes do not serve to create positive and open energy. If you want to enhance certain areas of your home with plants you can also use the Bagua map. You can use it to find areas that you would like to work on in your life. For example, if you want to cultivate growth and positivity in your relationships, or if you want to be more open-minded, balanced, and soft when working with a partner, place a plant in your partnership area.

To help you more on how to add simple decorations using feng shui and the wood element, you can read more HERE.

Using the bagua map: colors and the elements

You can add an element or specific colors to activate a part of the bagua in your home. The bagua is very complex, and each gua (area) has many meanings and symbols. You can be creative and use one or the other, but stick with what you know and do that well. If you know the activating colors of the bagua - focus on that. Do what you understand well, then once you have mastered the basics, then you can start to incorporate more changes. You can be creative, and choose to use color or the five elements.

To understand more on using the bagua, you can check our free guide HERE. Note: Mindful Design Feng Shui School practices Black Sect (BTB) feng shui, and which does not use the compass or the cardinal directions, but instead sets the bagua according to the mouth of qi - the main entrance.

Mirror placement in a small kitchen

The kitchen represents your health and wealth. This is the place where you nourish yourself so it’s important to keep it clean and clear. If you have a kitchen and a dining area all in the same room, mirrors can help you expand and create more energetic space. Adding a mirror can open up a space and make it feel bigger. Boost the qi: If you think that the kitchen area is a bit dark, bring more light in with a better light fixture or brighter bulbs.

Water element/feature placement

In feng shui, water represents money. Like water, money is a resource that flows through out our lives. When the water qi is flowing well, it cleanses and sustains us. But if you are holding back and worried this can represent a block. Some people who are new to feng shui project a fear and worry about water and placing water features “If I choose the wrong spot my wealth will be ruined”. This fear is holding you back. It can represent a poverty mentality, or that the water qi is stagnant in your life.

That is why intentions are really important. If your intention is to bring good health and prosperity to your home, one of the the best things you can do is add a water feature. You can place in front of your home, with the water flowing toward the home.

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