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Q&A: Mirrors in the Bedroom

Today we are doing a follow up to our last episode, where we answered a listener question about how to arrange her son’s room. The person who asked the question was curious about having a mirror in the bedroom, and since we get asked this all the time, we decided to address it more fully in today’s episode.

BTB or Black Sect feng shui has different rules when it comes to mirrors in the bedroom, and mirrors in general. There are some beliefs that you shouldn’t have a mirror in the bedroom. A lot of the reasons for this are mundane; seeing your reflection could disturb your sleep, or the mirror’s link to the water element gives it a flowing quality and therefore makes it disruptive.

In Black Sect feng shui, we often use mirrors in the bedroom as tools when we want to soften or expand energy, and most importantly, to adjust a bed that can’t be placed in command. If a bedroom is configured in such a way that you can’t set up your bed in an optimal position, where you can see the door from your bed, we often use mirrors in order to reflect the image of the door.

Having said that, mirrors are a very personal thing, just like artwork. You want to be mindful of how you feel about having mirrors in the bedroom. If you’re not sleeping well and you find that having a mirror in your bedroom is disruptive, then it makes sense on a mundane level to cover it up. You can cover them with solar peel or a film that makes the glass look frosted, or you can put up a rod and curtain.

However, if you’re a good sleeper mirrors should not be a problem. Feel free to use them for getting ready, or for a feng shui adjustment to put yourself into command so you can see the bedroom door clearly.

If you’re curious about last week’s question, where we talked more about arranging furniture in a bedroom, you can check that out here.