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9 Ways to Create a Sacred Space

Use feng shui to make your home a sanctuary: creating a sacred space

β€œThe word sacred can seem a little loaded, and heavy, but at its core, is it about finding a deep and dedicated significance, a transcendent quality. It is something special, something more than the everyday and mundane. Creating a sacred space is about creating a sanctuary, honouring yourself and your home. Mindfully designing your home with intention is the foundation of creating a sanctuary; a place where you can begin manifesting your goals, intentions, and purpose.”

β€” Laura Morris - Co-Founder of Mindful Design Feng Shui School

Here are nine simple ways that you can start to bring more reverence, mindfulness, and peace into your home:

  1. Bring flowers into your home

    Taking the time to choose, cut, and arrange flowers is good for the soul. Flowers add color, fragrance, and beauty to your home. Fragrant flowers can soothe your mind and body on a deeper level. Learn more about flowers and feng shui here

  2. Ring a bell

    Ring a bell nine times to clear the qi of your home. Allow each ring to fully resonate and diffuse through the space. Only begin a ring after the previous one is complete. Listen carefully for each ring and visualize the waves passing through all parts of your home.

  3. Add crystals

    Natural crystals and stones from the earth are a simple and effective way to bring more earth qi into your home. Choose ones you love, keep them clean and cleared.

  4. Mindfully build an altar

    Collecting, displaying, and honoring specific items that align with the energy you want to cultivate in your life. By regularly maintaining your altar, you are honoring both the sacred items on it and your intentions.

  5. Pay attention to your windows

    After you have done a cleaning (or energetic space clearing) open your windows for at least nine minutes. This will allow stagnant and negative qi to leave the home.

  6. Burn sage or incense

    Similar to smudging with herbs, this process uses smoke and scent to clear a space. You can choose palo santo, sage, or a naturally scented incense. Remember: any method that involves fire, be sure to keep an eye on the burning incense at all times!

  7. Pay attention to your doors

    Make sure the doors in your home open easily and without restriction. Oil any squeaky hinges and repair and broken door handles.

  8. Set an intention for your home

    As you do each of the above, state an intention for your home. Try writing the intention for your home down so it is clear in your mind as you move through the home enhancing your home with feng shui.

  9. Practice gratitude

    Most importantly practice gratitude for your home. Be thankful for the protection, shelter, and support it provides you.