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Space Clearing for Back to School


If you’ve been following the Mindful Design blog for a while, you know how important space clearing is! This time of year, when many of us are thinking about heading back to school, is an especially helpful time to do some space clearing. Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or are just feeling inspired by the back to school energy, space clearing is a great way to help create a fresh start and set your intentions for the coming school year.

Here are three ways to clear your space in preparation for the start of a new school year:

  1. Sweep with purpose

    Instead of sweeping mindlessly, as we often do, sweep with the intention to move any old or stale energy out of your home. Make sure to reach those areas that often get neglected, like underneath furniture and in closets and corners. Open your front door and sweep the old energy outside. Be sure to spend some time focusing on cleaning your entryway and front step. If you feel like you have very positive energy in your home at the moment, you can instead sweep towards the center of your room or home to keep the energy inside and spread it around.

  2. Burn incense

    Similar to smudging with herbs, this process uses smoke and scent to clear space. Start with a naturally scented incense and a fireproof bowl or plate to place underneath. Light the incense so that there is smoke rising from it; you may need to continue blowing on it to make sure that it continues to burn and produce smoke. First, direct the smoke around yourself as if you are bathing in it, and then begin to clear your space. Start at the front door, and move clockwise around the room, guiding the smoke towards all areas of the room. As with sweeping, pay special attention to corners where energy may have gotten stuck. If you’re using this method, or any method that involves fire, be sure to keep an eye on the burning incense at all times!

  3. Essential oil mist

    If you are in a dorm room or another space where you can’t burn herbs or incense, this is a really great alternative. You can buy a space clearing mist, or make your own by putting 27 drops of sweet orange essential oil and some fresh water into a spray bottle. Scents can be really powerful in shifting our emotions, and using a mist is an easy way to clear and uplift the energy of a room.

Heading back to school after an unstructured summer can be challenging, so we hope that these simple space clearing methods can help ease your transition and get your school year off to a great start.