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The Best Feng Shui Plants

The Best Feng Shui Plants
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Feng shui is a beautiful practice that helps us connect earth and heaven. It brings together the practical aspects of our lives, like our physical environments, with inspiration and intention, and it encourages us to look at our homes with more mindfulness. Plants are a great way to bring more mindfulness and intention into our homes, especially when you layer in the feng shui meanings behind them.

Plants are connected to the wood element, which has to do with new growth and new beginnings, as well as kindness, compassion, and flexibility. This may be why many of us are drawn to houseplants - they help make our homes feel more vital and alive, and on a more subtle level, they help us cultivate more compassion and kindness. Having plants in your home is also a tangible way to feel more connected to the cycles of nature.

Here are a few feng shui plants that we love:

Easy Care Feng Shui Plants

If you’re a plant newbie, or you’re feeling unsure of your ability to keep a plant alive, we’d recommend starting with something that’s easy to care for. These plants also offer us a beautiful teaching about creating more ease in our lives, since they don’t ask very much of us.

One plant that’s really easy to take care of is pothos, which comes in several colors and varieties. We also love ZZ plants, which tolerate low light and forgetful watering. They’re also really easy to propagate.

Statement Feng Shui Plants

If you’re looking for plants that can create a focal point in your home, you’ll want to choose something large and striking. These plants are great in common areas like living rooms, because they bring in a lot of wood energy, which represents family harmony and compassion.

Fiddle leaf figs are really beautiful plants that can grow quite tall. They are on the finicky side, so make sure you do your research so that you know how to care for them. If you’re looking for a lower-maintenance statement plant, try an areca palm. These plants are great for reviving stagnant, forgotten corners because their leaves really spread out.

Pet-Friendly Feng Shui Plants

If you have pets, it’s important to consider their safety when choosing plants for your home. The most pet-friendly plants for you will depend on your pets and your situation, so make sure you do your own research before bringing a new plant into your space.

Spider plants are easy to grow and drought tolerant. They also symbolize abundance and fertility, because they’re very easy to propagate and share with friends. Herbs can also be a good choice, and are not only pet-friendly but people-friendly as well! Your kitchen is a great place for potted herbs, since the kitchen is generally dominated by water and fire energy. Introducing plants brings in the wood element, which creates more harmony.

Best Feng Shui Plants for Prosperity

Rubber plants are a type of ficus with big, shiny leaves that are dark green and sometimes even purple. The texture and appearance of rubber plants embodies abundance, and the color purple is connected to the Wealth area of the feng shui bagua. Rubber plants are also pretty easy to grow, and they can get quite large.

Jade plants, which have leaves that look like coins, are also great plants for wealth and prosperity. Jade plants are happy to stay in the same pot for quite a while, which offers us a beautiful teaching. They encourage us to feel abundant wherever we are, instead of getting caught up in wanting something that we don’t have, which causes suffering. In turn, feeling more abundant in your current situation will also lead to experiencing more abundance later on.

Best Feng Shui Plants for Love and Romance

In BTB feng shui, orchids are traditionally recommended to bring in a charming, graceful partner who will support you. We would recommend a pink or purple orchid for this purpose. You can place it somewhere where you’ll see it each time you come home, or on a nightstand in your bedroom. Orchids aren’t the easiest plants, so make sure you look into how to take care of them.

Anthurium also has beautiful heart-shaped leaves and flowers, which speaks to connecting to your own heart as well as opening your heart to somebody else. These plants are pretty easy to care for and they tolerate drought well, which is a great metaphor for a partner who will stick around through thick and thin.

While these plants are some of our favorites, remember that the best feng shui plants for you will always depend on your situation, your space, and what you want to manifest. If you would like more guidance in choosing plants, you can always work one-on-one with a feng shui practitioner or study feng shui to learn more.