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Feng shui and love

Feng shui and love
Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

As feng shui practitioners, we get a lot of questions about love and romance! Along with wealth, it tends to be one of the most popular areas that people are curious about. Whether you’re in a relationship that you’d like to strengthen, or you’re single and looking for a new partner, here are a few tips to invite in more love with feng shui:

  1. Make space for your partner.

    It’s important that you’ve made space for your current or future partner in your home and in your life. Is there room for them to get into bed? Do you have a nightstand and bedside lamp for them? If you currently have a partner, they’ll feel more at home if they have space to move around freely and store their personal belongings. If you don’t yet have a partner, making space for them in your home helps to make space for them energetically in your life, and sends a signal to the universe that you are ready for a partner.

  2. Review the artwork in your bedroom.

    Take note of what message the artwork in your bedroom is sending. Are there only images of single people or items? If so, that’s the energy you’re putting out into the world. If you are looking for a partner, try swapping these out for images of couples or pairs of items. Look out for family photos in the bedroom also. Generally, pictures of your parents or kids are probably not going to help you set the scene for a romantic evening, so it’s best to move them to another part of the house.

  3. Look at the relationships area of your home.

    In feng shui, there’s a particular area of the bagua map, called Kun, that is connected to partnerships, including romantic ones. To locate this area in your home, stand at your front door looking in, and find the far right corner. What do you notice there? Is it full of clutter? Is it totally empty? Is this where you keep your cactus collection? Take a moment to think about what is going on in this part of your home, and what that might represent metaphorically. You might find clues as to what is blocking you when it comes to finding a partner, or sources of frustration or conflict in your current partnership.

  4. Activate the relationships area.

    Place a new plant in the partnership/relationship (Kun) area to invite growth and positive energy, and then take care of it to help it flourish. When your intention is to improve an existing relationship or welcome a new partner, it’s best to choose plants with soft, rounded leaves, rather than sharp or pointy ones. Plants with softer edges will help invite softness in this area of your life. If you want, you can also choose a plant with pink flowers or foliage, since pink is related to Kun.

  5. Add rose quartz crystals.

    Rose quartz is a beautiful stone that’s helpful for self love, healing your heart, and inviting love and partnership. Try placing a pair of rose quartz crystals on your nightstand with the intention of bringing more love into your life.

In addition to approaching your relationship status from a feng shui lens, we encourage you to take any necessary mundane actions that support your intention. If you want to be in a relationship, make an effort to meet people! If you want to strengthen your current relationship, communicate with your partner about what you’d like to change or improve.

We hope that our feng shui tips alongside the more mundane steps will help open you up to more love in your life!