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Five simple ways to create harmony and peace in your home

Five simple ways to create harmony and peace in your home
Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

  1. The commanding position: Set up your bed in a position where you can see the main door especially when lying down. You want to be far away enough away from the door, but also have a sense of vision of what’s coming at you. In Black Sect feng shui, the command position is an important concept that allows you to sleep better, and lower anxiety. There is a sense of ease that is created when you can see what is coming through your main bedroom door. Read more about it here.

  2. Plants = flexibility and compassion: It’s no secret that feng shui practitioners love plants. They’re one of the best ways to introduce the wood element to your space, which can invite new growth and flexibility. Plants also boost vital energy and can help activate an area of your life or boost the energy in your space. Additionally, taking care of a living plant is a great way to cultivate loving kindness.

  3. Do a simple space clearing: Choose your favorite clearing method. You can also buy a space clearing mist, or make your own by putting 27 drops of sweet orange essential oil and some fresh water into a spray bottle. Scents can be really powerful in shifting our emotions, and using a mist is an easy way to clear and uplift the energy of a room.

  4. Find your center: Find the center of your home or bedroom and hang a feng shui crystal ball from the ceiling. The intention is to smooth the energy throughout the home. The center of the home impacts the entire home, and it is also connected to health and well-being. Learn more about feng shui crystals and how to use them here.

  5. Get grounded: The earth element is stable, supportive, nurturing, and grounding. Think about the earth below your feet: it’s always there to support you. The earth element is also connected to nourishment and how we take care of ourselves. Here are few ways you can bring more of the earth element into your home and life:

    1. square shapes, which represent earth: a square coffee table can be a great way to incorporate earthy shapes, or frame some artwork you love in a square frame!
    2. heavy objects give a space weight and help to ground it
    3. natural stones and crystals also represent earth.
    4. earthy colors like brown, as well as yellows and ochres represent the earth element. Tip: try yellow sheets if you want to focus on health, since the earth element is related to wellbeing and self care.