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Feng shui and health

fire element

As the idea of holistic health has become more mainstream, we’ve seen that there are so many possible ways to approach health and healing, from nutrition and exercise to reiki, and everything in between. While feng shui isn’t a substitute for going to the doctor, it can offer valuable insight and opportunity when it comes to your well being. Here are a few tips for supporting your health from a feng shui perspective:

Find the health area of the bagua

The area of the bagua most connected to health is the tai qi, in the center of the bagua. The first step is to find that area of your home or bedroom. If you’re not sure how to find it, download our free bagua kit.

Once you’ve found the health area of your home, take a look around. What’s happening in this area? Is it cluttered? Does it need to be cleaned? Our homes can be a reflection of ourselves, and we can learn a lot by simply paying attention to what they are telling us. If the center of your home or bedroom feels neglected, you may want to ask yourself if there is anything in regards to your health that you are neglecting. You can also activate this area by adding the earth element (see below) or the fire element, which feeds earth.

Add the earth element

The tai qi is also connected to the earth element. Earth is associated with grounding, nourishment, and stability, so if you feel that you could benefit from these things, you might want to try adding the earth element to your space. The earth element can also help create strong boundaries, which can help you prioritize self care.

There are a few ways to add earth to your space. One way is to bring in materials from the earth, like natural crystals or a stone sculpture. You can also add earthy colors, like yellow or brown, or square shapes.

Consider how your health affects all aspects of your life

Health is about more than just your physical health; it’s important to consider your overall wellbeing. Because the tai qi is in the center, it touches all other areas of the bagua. Likewise, your health also affects all areas of your life; if you are feeling healthy, you’re more likely to have success in your relationships, career, finances, and more. This can make the tai qi a great area to work with if you want to apply feng shui concepts to your home but aren’t sure where to start.

We hope this gives you some insights about how to support your health goals with feng shui—we’d love to hear what you noticed and whether you made any changes in your home!