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Reset Your Home Office

As we move into fall, many of us are feeling that back to school energy. Even if our lives no longer run on an academic calendar, a lot of people feel inspired to get more serious about their work as the weather gets cooler and summer festivities come to a close. Let’s go over some ways you can use feng shui in your home office to welcome new opportunities in your career. If you don’t have a home office, be sure to check out our last blog post all about how to set up a supportive workspace.

Here are five steps to reset your home office to bring in more career opportunities:

  1. Declutter

    Clutter piles up all over our homes, and especially in home offices. If you’re like most people, you probably have stacks of unopened mail, miscellaneous office supplies, and other odds and ends lying around. Clutter is not necessarily always a bad thing; however, keeping too many things that you don’t need or use can block energy flow and create stagnant or negative qi. To keep the qi flowing freely around your office, and opportunities flowing in your career, look through your office and remove unnecessary or unwanted items.

  2. Clear the space

    This is a really powerful way to reset the energy of your home office, and can help clear any stuck qi to make room for new, positive qi. We have several blog posts about space clearing, so you can choose the method that resonates with you.

  3. Consider upgrading your desk

    Your desk represents your career and path in life, so it’s worth investing in one that supports your goals. A solid wooden desk is ideal because it will help create stability and support for your career. Darker colored wood is especially practical, because papers will show up better against it. A metal desk can also be helpful if you need extra focus and precision in your work. It’s best to avoid desks with transparent glass tops, because they allow ideas and opportunities to fall through and get lost.

  4. Feng shui your desktop

    First, lay the bagua on your desk, just as you would on your home or a room. Next, notice what’s happening in each gua on your desk. Is there a certain part of your desk where clutter tends to accumulate? That can represent a block in that area of your career. Clutter in the top left corner, for example, may mean money is not flowing easily, while clutter in the middle top area may point to your work not being noticed or recognized.

  5. Enhance one or two areas of your desk

    After you’ve identified which areas of your career need some extra attention and have cleared any unnecessary items from those areas of your desk, try adding something meaningful to one or more of those areas. In the wealth area, you may want to place a piece of citrine, or another item that symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Since the element associated with the fame and recognition area (in the top center of the bagua) is fire, try placing a plant, which represents wood that will feed that fire.

As you’re making these changes, be sure to set an intention to attract new, aligned career opportunities, and then pay attention to any shifts you feel in your work life!

Reset Home Office