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The Five Elements: Metal

metal element
Photo by Mark McCammon on Pexels

Today we’re talking about metal, the last of the five elements! If you missed the earlier posts in this series, be sure to go back and read about water, earth, fire, and wood.

Qualities of metal

Metal is righteous, contracting, and rigid. When metal is in balance, you are articulate and can speak up for yourself. You’re also able to speak appropriately against injustice.

Adding the metal element to your space

When might you want to add more metal to your space? If you struggle to find your voice or have a hard time articulating your thoughts, you may need more metal. The metal element can also help with productivity, organization, and efficiency, so it can be really useful if you need help staying on task and finishing projects. (This also makes it a great addition to your home office!)

The most straightforward way to add more metal is to add actual metal objects. Brass or copper planters, vases, or sculptures can add the metal element as well as style and personality to your space.

One simple way to add more metal to your home is through color. Metal is related to white and light grey (or very light colors), which can be great neutral choices for paint colors. The metal element is also associated with round shapes. Try incorporating fabrics, wallpaper, or other decor that includes circles. Spherical lighting fixtures are also a great way to add metal (bonus points if they are made of metal as well!)

Too much metal

If you are overly rigid, or you find yourself talking a lot without thinking first, you may need to tone down metal. You can do this by adding fire, which melts metal (for more on how to do this, read our post on the fire element.)

Look around your home and notice where you see the metal element. What’s one change you could make to bring your metal element into balance?