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The Feng Shui Bagua, Part 2

The Feng Shui Bagua, Part 2
Photo by Mamun Srizon on Unsplash

In our last post, we talked about the feng shui bagua and some of the ways we work with it as practitioners. The bagua is a tool that allows us to gain additional insights when we’re working with a client. We also often make specific feng shui adjustments based on the bagua to support a client’s intentions and goals.

It’s often complicated to lay the bagua on an entire home, so we recommend starting with your bedroom. This is also a powerful place to start, because your bedroom represents you. For more information on how to lay the bagua on your bedroom, you can read Part 1 of this series, or download our free bagua kit. If you’re still confused after taking those steps, we would encourage you to work one-on-one with a consultant or sign up for our mailing list. We sometimes offer exclusive workshops to our newsletter subscribers with opportunities to see the bagua laid on your floor plan.

In Part 1, we talked about the New Beginnings, Wealth, and Health areas of the bagua. Today, we’re going over three more areas: Helpful People, Children, and Knowledge. Remember that you don’t need to activate all of the areas at once. In fact, we would encourage you to just pick one that stands out to you the most right now. If you try to do too much, you are really watering down your ability to manifest the things you want in your life. It’s more effective to do fewer things with greater intention.

Helpful People

The Helpful People area of the feng shui bagua, also called Benefactors, has to do with the people that help you along your way. It’s related to the resources that can move you forward, especially in career and business. It can also represent people who really have the ability to shift things in your life. This could be a boss, mentor, angel investor, agent, or anyone else that you see as a person with the power and resources to really help and guide you in an impactful way.

This area is also connected to travel and how you move through the world. It’s related to the concept of heaven and yang metal. It’s the most yang of all the bagua areas, which means that it has a very big energy. The Helpful People area is connected to the color gray.

You might want to work on this area if you don’t feel supported, if you feel alone, or if you don’t have people in your life who are helping you. One way to activate this area is to bring in the earth element by adding heavy, stable objects. Earth is very supportive, and it creates metal in five element theory. You can bring in earth with a heavy statue of a deity that is meaningful to you, a special rock, or even a heavy stone candle holder. These items all add more stability and weight, and the earth element will support metal to bring more helpful people into your life.


This area of the bagua is also connected to the metal element, but it is the yin side of metal. We often compare yin metal to a polished piece of shiny jewelry. The Children area is connected to any kind of output or offspring you release into the world. It’s also related to endings and completion, and letting go of things. It’s associated with the feeling of joy as well, because when you let go you are able to really receive joy.

If you have children, working with this area of the bagua can be a way to subtly and indirectly support them, while still allowing them to live their own lives. Activating the Children area can be a way to offer protection for your children even when you are not physically around them.

There are also plenty of reasons to work with this area that don’t involve children. If you have a hard time completing projects or saying goodbye, you might want to activate this area. A lot of people are very good at starting new projects, but rarely finish them. Activating the Children area can also be helpful if you want to invite more joy into your life.

To activate this area, you can add something white, which is the color associated with Children, or a metal bell. Sound is a great way to shift the qi in your space, and the sound of metal really has the ability to cut through energy. You might want to keep a metal bell in this area and ring it often, especially if you’re struggling with procrastination. If you do have children, you can also add a piece of artwork that your child made in this area.


The Knowledge area of the bagua is connected to spirituality and self-cultivation. It also has to do with how skillful you are. This area is related to the color dark blue and the image of a mountain. If you think about a mountain, it’s an obstacle. You can’t move it. However, you can change how you react to it, and you can gain the skills to climb it or to navigate around it. This area of the bagua encourages us to develop the skills, the spiritual strength, and the self-esteem to move forward in our lives even when we encounter challenges and blocks.

If you want to become more skillful in the work that you do, this is a great area to activate. You might also want to work with the Knowledge area if you want to focus on self-cultivation and deepening your understanding of your inner life.

To activate the Knowledge area, you can add something dark blue. You can also bring in a piece of artwork that relates to your aspirations of how you want to cultivate yourself. If you have the space in your bedroom, this is a great location for a meditation area.

If any of these areas are things you want to work on in your life right now, try making one change in that area of your bedroom. Next week, we’ll be sharing the last three bagua areas and suggestions for activating them.