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Get Organized with Fall Energy

Get Organized with Fall Energy
Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

Fall Equinox Energy

As we approach the fall equinox on September 22nd in the northern hemisphere, we move into a time of completion and harvest. Feng shui is very connected to the cycles of nature, so we can look to what is happening in the world around us for clues about what may be going on energetically in our lives. In fall, trees are dropping their leaves and conserving their energy in order to prepare for the winter. Fall is also when many crops reach the end of their cycle, and are ready to be harvested.

In feng shui, each of the seasons corresponds to one of the five elements, and fall is related to the metal element. Metal is all about contraction, completion, and organization. This makes sense in regards to the harvesting process as well; when a farmer harvests their bounty in the fall, they are also organizing, storing, and appreciating it, all metal element qualities.

Back to School

Many people are also feeling the back to school energy at this time of year. As educators, we feel this very strongly, since we are focused on teaching our feng shui certification students each fall. Even if you’re not a teacher and you’re no longer in school, you may still feel that this is a time to start over and get focused on a new project. Focus is another quality associated with the metal element.

This makes fall a great time to clear and organize your office or workspace. Your workspace should be a reflection of where you currently want to focus your energy, so take some time to remove anything that is outside of that focus. That doesn’t mean you can’t come back to it later, but removing distractions can help you to be more productive and efficient when it comes to the tasks that are most important to you right now. Clearing off your desk is also a great practice whenever you are starting a new project.

Fall Decluttering Tips

Because fall is connected to the metal element, which is related to organization and completion, this is a great time for decluttering. Fall energy is an opportunity to prepare, store, and finish things before we hunker down for the cold winter season. One way to do that is by getting your house in order and removing items you no longer need or want.

A great way to start is to let go of nine items per week. Even if you feel like you have many more things you’d like to say goodbye to, start with a manageable goal and be gentle with yourself. Nine is the number of completion in feng shui, which is related to metal, so finding nine items per week is an additional way to connect with the metal energy of the season.

We hope this gives you some ideas for how you can work with the energy of the season to get organized and prepared for the months ahead!